Toronto Thumbs: Mad Catz Fightstick and Fightpad Effectiveness Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Although they are hard to come by, particularly in Canada where they are an EB Games/GameStop exclusive, Mad Catz has released new controllers that were design with Street Fighter IV in mind. They come in three flavours: The Mad Catz FightPad is more like a traditional handheld controller but with a six-button layout on its face (Like the Sega Saturn controller). It also has no analogue sticks – all movement is controlled with the D-pad. The Mad Catz Arcade FightStick is a Japanese-style arcade controller featuring a curved eight-button layout. Lastly, we have the Tournament Edition FightStick, which offers up a bigger surface area than the Arcade FightStick and has legit arcade-grade buttons and joystick manufactured by the renowned Sanwa-Denshi (who are known for their superb quality arcade parts). All these controllers are adorned with great Street Fighter IV artwork, with the FightPads coming in various varieties, each showcasing the art of a different fighter.

We were able to get our hands on both the FightPad and the FightStick for the purposes of this review, but were unfortunately unable to track down the elusive Tournament Edition FightStick. We can only assume for the purposes of our following experiment that the TE FightStick would be all of our wildest dreams come true..."

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