Toronto Thumbs: Hammerin' Hero Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "Since we all share in the spoils of the human condition, we also share a universal sense of identity as "the little guy" against the forces around us, regardless of our station – forever locked in a strange and strained relationship with the machinery that both sustains and enslaves us. Whether we feel it at a government office, a corporate institution, or a certain deli that chooses to no longer accept my business, we've all experienced situations that cause us to fantasize about raising our fists against a systematic force seemingly intent on imposing a continual oppression we silently accept with adulthood. Like many of my peers, I've dreamed of launching a guerrilla insurgency against that machinery from the dense jungles of Canada, but this writing gig is very cushy and I'm veering dangerously off topic. My point is that I can sympathize with Hammerin' Hero's Gen, who is forced to raise his carpenter's hammer against the evil but humorously vague development schemes the Kuromoku gang has for his small town.

IREM's Hammerin' Hero lets players take the fight to "The Man" with full force, squaring off against an army of labourers, minions, and the obligatory mad scientist, all bent on thwarting the socialist styled upheaval..."

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