Japan Media Create Hardware Sales: 03/30 - 04/05

NDS | 62,409
PSP | 48,118
PS3 | 20,362
WII | 15,525
360 | 7,812
PS2 | 5,394
DSi | 53,680
DSL | 8,729

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sinncross3564d ago

Goodish pacing for Sony's PS3: on top of the Wii again.

I can really see the release of FF13 (even ACC perhaps) giving PS3 sales not only a massive boost for that period, but on a long term note as well.

- Ghost of Sparta -3564d ago

Yakuza 3 did wonders for the PS3 in Japan.

SL1M DADDY3564d ago

But is it really surprising? Nope. The Wii has sold well and nobody can argue that but in the end, it was a spurt and will slow down in sales as time goes by but the PS3 is a bit more future proof and still looks appealing to many, even those who own the Wii. Having both you get the best of both worlds.. Waggle world and the HD world.

360 man3564d ago

wow i hav to say

ps3s really getting the job done in japan

Shane Kim3564d ago

You still won't get any bubbles 360 man.

3564d ago
xaviertooth3564d ago

lol shane! that made me lmao!

MaximusPrime3564d ago

shane said it correctly...

IzKyD13313564d ago


SL1M DADDY3564d ago

How does one "shulup"? :-/

TheDude2dot03564d ago


You really do not want to know. Trust me.

FlameBaitGod3564d ago

Im srry but Shane Kim that was freaking hilarious and yeah the PS3 is doing amazing, PSP is doing great as well

MNicholas3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

In Japan, the PS3 has overtaken the Wii while the 360 has improved from 25% to 33% of PS3 sales.

Outside Japan, the Wii continues to mercilessly dominate at 200% of PS3 sales while the 360 has floundered from having a consistent 30-40% advantage over the PS3 (for the few months immediately after the price cut to $199) to more recently posting only around 5-10% sales advantage. In contrast, before the 360's price cut, the PS3 had outsold it by 30-40% for most of 2008 despite having a higher retail price.

The 360's drop in sales ought to be very worrying for Microsoft. The lack of recent compelling content, the high operating cost (ie, nickel-and-dime pricing for online, wifi, hdd, etc) the surge in high quality exclusive competitor offerings like Killzone 2 and continuing severe problems with hardware reliability (unprecedented in mass market consumer hardware) might be among the main reasons.

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Wildarmsjecht3564d ago

How many weeks is that the PS3 came out on top of Wii? Did it start the first week of march or was it even so far back as february? If anyone could let me know or direct me to a link that'd be greatly appreciated.

3564d ago
PS360PCROCKS3564d ago

lol ya at a whopping what 100,000? haha Japan only buys the DS

crck3564d ago

I wonder if that is a all time low for wii sales in Japan.

crck3564d ago

It might be old but it wasn't posted here at n4g. Only the software numbers were.

king dong3564d ago

but the fanboys need to see their precious ps3 selling well. thats why we have sales charts from places like finland, norway and other obscure low population countries.

but japan is good for makes them feel good. although they hate it when you remind them that japan is no longer the second biggest gaming market. and the fact that even with a strong showing in japan. the ps3 will remain third for a couple of years yet.

GamerPS3603564d ago

King Dong, I see it bothers you :D

myothercar3564d ago

The reason this was posted now is because the information was only just recently revealed. You don't get the hardware and software sales at the exact same time with Media Create. On the forum I go to there's always a new Media Create thread each week, and the hardware section is always blank for a few days because they don't have or can't reveal the numbers right away.

The Wii is a horribly overrated gimmick among the US crowd. I'm sick of sales fanboys sucking each other off while praising Wii every NPD. It only sells because parents in America are convinced their kids would be tubs of lard if they didn't start exercising- as if flicking their wrists all day will supposedly burn off zillions of calories. Nintendo even pays healthy-looking actresses to act like they love Nintendo products.

The Japanese figured it out a while ago. For the last YEAR Wii sales in Japan have been on a very constant decline.

Shane Kim3564d ago

Aaaaaw, cheer up King Dong. At least Sales, the only first party developer MS still has, have an exclusive game coming to the 360.

butterfinger3564d ago

This is not old.

@ King Dong - Are you seriously comparing Japan's gaming market to that of Finland and/or Norway? The fact of the matter is the PS3 and Wii have sold millions of units in Japan, so it is still a major contributor to their worldwide sales, not to mention their homeland. The 360 has sold a million there as well, but it's generally ignored in week to week sales. Get over it, and be happy that the 360 has America. American =/= the world.

SL1M DADDY3564d ago

Regardless if I agree with it or not, the tit for tat you see here is perfectly fine, especially when the Sony fans had to endure a couple years of Xbox fans shoving 360 sales numbers down their throats. If you don't like it, then let me tell you the same thing the PS3 fans were told when they too acted like you are here... "If you don't like it, don't read it and post elsewhere."

morganfell3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Yeah king dong (someone obviously has adequacy issues) and it burns the asses of people like you to be reminded the US is no longer the largest territory.

butterfinger, you are just going to upset him when you remind him that as soon as the sales for the US and Japan are combined, the 360 lead over the PS3 for the fiscal year into the toilet.

SL1M Daddy, PS3 fans had to endure selective US sales figures and 360 fans ignoring the facts such as worldwide sales, the speed of PS3 sales worldwide versus the 360 during the same point in it's life, and the PS3 selling over 10 million consoles in a year - something the 360 has yet to do.

SL1M DADDY3564d ago

You're preaching to the choir bud, I am well aware of the trash talk the 360 fanboys were giving the PS3 fans. I will say that there are fanboys on both sides and there is no excuse for both rants from either party but I will admit, the sales figures we hear and how the 360 is selling so stellar and how the PS3 is doing so bad... Talk about crap. If the PS3 is selling so bad then why is it that people would boast the 360 sales since they are in fact selling a whisker less than the PS3 worldwide year around? It's just journalistic ignorance and it seems that these days are full of journalist wannabes.

morganfell3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

SL1M Daddy,

I know you are singing bass right beside me. I wasn't very clear there and meant to add to what you were saying, not correct it. My point was even in their bashing they had to be selective as the entire canvas actually painted a very different picture.

3564d ago
SL1M DADDY3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Gotchya. I think we're singing on the same page now. ;-)

Edit: Looks like King Dong is still hurt...

*hands KD a tissue*

There, there little camper...

3564d ago
butterfinger3564d ago

Let me explain a few things to you.

A. You look like you are hurt/sad/depressed, because you immediately came in here to defend your precious XBOX360 without being provoked. This makes you look weak, and it also makes you look like you DO care about sales.

B. I brought up the US, because that is the only territory where the 360 is really crushing the PS3. It's been argued as to whether the 360 leads at all in Europe, but the fact is after the one year head start and price cuts, they aren't as far ahead as they should be. Perhaps I should've said UK =/= Europe?

C. Are you so paranoid/worried that you had to edit your post because you didn't want people replying to you after you ran out of your 3 measly bubbles? Maybe you should add something constructive to debates here on N4G instead of accusing everyone of being Sony loyalists and trolling in articles you supposedly don't care about all the time.

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mesh13564d ago

why does kingdom under fire2 and 360 exclusive look better than killzone 2/god of war 3ansers please .

The_Beast3564d ago

the new version of Kingdom Under Fire is aiming for 2009 release and will be available worldwide on both PC and console platforms.

i GOT THIS FROM THERE SITE... and is that too complicated for you?

it means its on ps3 and 360 and pc

MAiKU3564d ago

Can you people PLEASE learn how to spell...

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