Why the First PSP Failed and What the Second Needs

So far gamers are just starting to get a little taste of the computability and it is really nothing special (referring to you Resistance for the PSP). But if the new PSP promises an advanced level of compatibility with the PS3 it will help to give the PS3 something special (the blu-ray routine is getting old) and give the PSP a leg over its competitors

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Jok3r3568d ago

Hasn´t the PSP sold like 45 million units by now? How can someone say THAT is a failure??

Charlie_Shene3568d ago

The Wii has sold Zillionans and its a Fail right?

Polluted3568d ago

I guess not outselling the DS=fail. Forget the millions up on millions of dollars the PSP made for Sony and all the awesome software it's seen over its 5 years on the market. Forget that it's the only non-Nintendo handheld to ever put even the slightest dent in the big N's market share. It's fail because "" says so.

xbollox3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

failure is outselling both DS & Wii today and more than double 360 world wide.
it's a great thing that ridicule does not kill,

rambi803568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

the closest anyone ever came to a nintendo handheld before sony was the sega game gear - 11 million units. (launched in 1990!)

noone else has crossed 3 million!

PSP has not been a hardware failure
Hasn't lit up the world in terms of software sales yet though

Usual tabloid journalism of the gaming world - sad thing is that it seems to be getting the desired result - attention

SL1M DADDY3568d ago

And some idiot calls that a failure? Sorry, but the only failure seen here is the article written.

Information Minister3568d ago

This article looks written by a Nintendo fanboy.


because it has a SONY logo on it

DrJones3568d ago

Because the PSP haven't failed.

ThanatosDMC3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

PSP "failed" since it was hacked by good ol' Dark Alex and totally screwed up publishers in getting their money back. Lack of money incentive meant lack of funded developers.

In Japan the PSP thrives in game... it has tons of games there. Lots of those XXX games sell like candies. Outside of Japan is another story since people just download games.

FlameBaitGod3568d ago

lol wow, i can only say wow. Amazing how bad journalism has gotten

CobraKai3568d ago

It seems like if they aren't number one, it's a failure. For example, if the PSP sold 100 million units and the DS sold 100 million and one, the PSP is officially a failure. Never mind that they were THE ONLY ONES able to give Nintendo much needed competition in an area where they've dominated for decades.

thesummerofgeorge3568d ago

And the "Blu Ray routine" is Not getting old, in fact it's just begun, soon enough it will replace DVDs as the new format of choice.... But apparently it's already old to this guy... what a douche.

SaiyanFury3568d ago


Agreed. In a market that Nintendo has dominated for like the last 20 years, 45-50 million sales doesn't sound like a failure to me.

Sarcasm3568d ago

"This article looks written by a Nintendo fanboy. "

What is this "Nintendo fanboy" you speak of?

jadenkorri3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

45 million in sales....right....then whats that say about the 360
let alone don't forget nintendos first HandHeld Gameboy sold 8 millions

Uzesgelen_Goo3568d ago

in japan psp game choices and variaty is more than outside world.
on-topic so stop saying failure.

Lifendz3568d ago

nevermind. It's not important. Calling the PSP a failure is like calling the Wii a failure. Sony's decision to go portable paid off big time.

Another site added to the list.

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TrevorPhillips3568d ago

The first PSP didnt fail what kind of article is this

exactly it sold over 45 million units.

krackchap3568d ago

41 mill (and counting) and the system is labeled as a failure. so what is the original xbox or even the 360?? a disaster!?

Tempist3568d ago

Yeah this person really needs to find facts before spitting retorhic.

Fact is it's not easy to have good design and functionality. Looking back, every Nintendo Handheld is basically a block. It takes a lot of skills and creativity to come up with a working real world design and a lot of the concepts people dream up just are unappealing or don't look to work as well as is hoped for. (the one shown looks like it'll break the instant it falls 3 inches on to any surface.)

Zeus Lee3568d ago

It crossed the 50 Million mark already:

It's mainly considered a failure by Americans because it doesn't come with 2 things:
2)A Microsoft logo.

It really is sad that the PSP is the most successful non-Nintendo handheld of all time yet is now being titled 'a disappointment'.

Hopefully Sony will take their sweet time with the PSP2,once gamers realize a daily dose of My Pet Horse&Me and Bratz games hurt the hardcore gaming market,maybe then they'll be more appreciative of Sonys efforts and offerings.

Bnet3433568d ago

I consider it a failure because it's missing an analog stick. What moron came up with one analog stick idea?

Qdog3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

I am an American, and I love my PSP, in fact I like anything I spend money on that is considered a luxury. As long as it works, I dont care what country it originated in. Please stop slandering my nation, it saddens my heart to know that no one else will stand and say that they live in this proud country, and that no matter where you go in this entire world, there is a preference for nationally owned merchandise versus imported merchandise. It has nothing to do with being an American, it has to do with being a consumer, and having an opinion.

Perhaps alot of people dont like the PSP, and never found the value in it that I did, and thats fine, to each their own, but please leave my country out of this, and leave the politics out of gaming. Please stop judging America by what you think, and start considering that we all bleed the same color, breathe the same air, and enjoy playing games (or past-times)to some extent or the other.

On topic, the PSP is definitely not a commercial failure, and the numbers show that relative to hardware, but software by contrast shows, the need for SONY to reinvent the platform, and lock it down, like it has successfully done with the PS3, barring pirates, but not homebrewers. Encourage creativity, discourage piracy.

Qdog3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Your opinion must not be worth much more than a click, if you cant even dignify your argument with a response. So, you should know that disagrees dont even affect my disposition, though I am eager to understand your logic. So you phantom clickers should make like a hockey player, and get the puck outta here....:p

BWS19823567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I stopped trying to understand why some people here seem to lump us Americans together with the fanboys or media or whoever they think "represents" us, despite a lack of logic, it keeps happening. I was under the impression that judging someone on who they are, not where they were born, was the righteous way to think.

I love my PSP and PS3, I don't think I'm better than the rest of the world, and Microsoft annoys me. *Gasp*

THE MEDIA AND A HANDFUL OF FANBOYS DO _NOT_ SPEAK FOR ME, I CAN THINK FOR MYSELF. We're NOT all slaves to a collective idiocy in this country, just like other countries don't operate that way. Why is this concept so hard to grasp?

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Aclay3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

The article didn't even state any opinion's as to why the PSP has "failed", it's just an article of what he/she thinks the PSP2 needs, and just based on that alone, obviously the article headline was made for hits and attention.

The handheld market has pretty much always been dominated by Nintendo (and probably always will be). There's been other handhelds that have fallen to the wayside, but with Sony's first try at the handheld market, they made their own impact with the PSP and the PSP has sold over 50 Million units... that is not a failure.

FPShooter3568d ago

The PSP has not failed. 50 million units is not a failure. This article is BS.