PSX Extreme: Mini Ninjas Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Back in January, I uploaded some screenshots for a game called Mini Ninjas, and I couldn't help but chuckle at its simple cartoony art style. Now, though, we've learned a bit more about the game thanks to a recent first look by IGN, and it's exactly what one might expect: a game that won't offend any parents but still doesn't sacrifice anything in the way of fun factor. Charming little titles like these do play a significant and important role in this new generation of unparalleled flash and panache, as we can now enjoy a great deal of contrast and diversity. When you're done sweating through the amazingly intense experience of Killzone 2, you can pick up Mini Ninjas and unwind; relaxing and smiling as you slice your way through legions of enemies in a landscape that holds abundant amounts of charm. The bottom line is that, these days, regardless of your mood or state of mind, there's a game somewhere out there to suit your needs. Need a happy pick-me-up? Check this out."

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