VirtuSphere brings virtual a bit closer to reality

About 10 years ago, two Russian researchers set out to defy some basic laws of physics.

Nurakhmed "Ray" Latypov and his older brother Nurulla, working together in Moscow, were seeking a way to enable a person to walk, run and even jump, crawl, dive or roll -- all while remaining safely in place. In physics terms, they wanted to create an endless moving plane.


The Latypovs were trying to enhance the experience of soldiers, firefighters, bomb squads, SWAT teams and even gamers, teachers and architects, all of whom are starting to use technology known as virtual reality for training or entertainment.

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life doomer3570d ago

oh my good this is amazing news, i hope the ps4 could have this kind of technology

FragMnTagM3570d ago

I am surprised that actual news is not even making it to the front page. N4G is starting to go down the sh!tter. The only "news" that makes it anywhere is hate articles. Sad sad sad.