Could Handhelds Take Over Console Systems?

Agent-X writes:

Have you ever thought that Handhelds could someday take over the console generation? I mean think about it a lot of consoles have been released over the past few decades starting from the Magnavox Odyssey all the way to the 360 and the pS3.

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jams_shop3567d ago

I'll say that's already the case in Japan, at least. Just look at the sales of both hardware and software and lets not forget about the insane support both the PSP and DS are receiving from developers.

SaiyanFury3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

True, but the Japanese are always on the go, which is why portables are always more in demand that standalone consoles. Handhelds will never take over the overall console market when it comes to world sales.

GWAVE3566d ago

Consoles will always have the graphical and physics-processing power, but all I can say is that I have barely touched the PS3 or 360 in the past few months (with the exception of Killzone 2)'s been all about the DSi and PSP.

Many of the games seem to be designed better. They seem to be designed for quick bursts of play instead of hours and hours of playing (though you CAN certainly play for hours and hours if you want). Plus, the best RPGs this generation are on the handhelds. Yeah, consoles get Fallout 3, but everything else is on the DS and the PSP (that is, if you're a TRUE RPG gamer looking for more than pretty CGI cutscenes).

sloth33953567d ago

As long as handhelds keep improving and get better games to where they are able to equal the console then yeah they will take over because who wouldn't want to play a full console game on a handheld and take it anywhere you want

phosphor1123567d ago

is not my idea of gaming..I will be getting a PSP, mainly to use my PS3 as a media server so I can have a HUGE library of music on the go. (Everywhere that I require music usually has thats my reasoning)

TruthbeTold3567d ago

The DS has sold over 100 million, the PSP near 50, the Gameboy advance before them sold an obscene amount, and now the DSI is selling like hotcakes, and the PSP 2 is on the horizon it seems. Add to that the fact that developing for the handheld is far less expensive, the games are less expensive, you can take them anywhere, they have wireless internet accessibility, downloadable games, etc. and I don't see things changing any time soon. That isn't to say that the console won't continue to flourish also, but the handheld is kicking major butt. There are often weeks where the DS outsells everything else on the market combined.

deeznuts3567d ago

When you look at revenue though, the numbers are not quite as impressive. PS2 killed them all.

ExcelKnight3566d ago

But the PS2 has been out for 9 years, too. The DS is selling a lot of software worldwide and the PSP makes a killing with each big name title in Japan, so I wouldn't doubt that both systems can overtake the PS2 in the end.

If it only takes 2 portables to beat the legendary PS2 (I'm sure the DS could handle it on its own) then handheld gaming could definitely be the next great shift in gaming as a whole.

Adding remote controller use and TV Out (like the PSP 2000 introduced) could definitely transform the future of handhelds to make them appeal to both on-the-go people and the ones who want to stay at home.

TrevorPhillips3567d ago

I mean handhelds with 360 and ps3 specs and graphics u know :)

That would be super awesome

El_Colombiano3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

That brings up a very good point. The PSP completely ignored the mobile PS1 graphics and went straight to (arguably) PS2 graphics anywhere on the go. If anything we are going to see games that look like MGS3 or GOW2 on PSP2. I just hope there are less jaggies than that of current PSP games. Those annoy me to a big extent.

Bnet3433567d ago

handhelds with 360/PS3 graphics would be around the year 2020. But the world ends in 2012 so we wont get to see it.

lloyd_wonder3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

haha. no

I don't think handhelds provide the same type of experience as consoles. They are supplement distractions for the core gamer. It's in their design; cheap, quick, and casual entertainment.

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