Square-Enix No Longer The Perennial RPG Powerhouse

Ben Dutka: "When I first heard that Squaresoft and Enix would be merging, I glanced over at my PlayStation collection of RPGs. Along with all the Final Fantasy titles, I saw the likes of Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, Front Mission 3, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate, Chrono Cross, and Star Ocean: The 2nd Story. Enix only did the latter, but hey, it was an awesome RPG and Squaresoft...well, they were the masters. Plain and simple."

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Imallvol73571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Squeenix has lost its vision. It is way too far past people making games they are passionate about. You heard the interviews. They are 100% into profits.

I understand you have to have that in a company, but you also have to have some heart in your projects. They go hand in hand. You can't really have one without the other. Seems to me like their heads just got too big, and they need to realize they need the consoles more than the consoles need them.

We all heckled Sony for letting Square Enix go (and not pushing hard for all their games on the Sony system), but may be Sony was smarter than we all thought and realized the quality of their products was going down hill.

kwicksandz3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I put 60 hours into LO and it was enjoyable nearly all the way. I suggest you give it another shot.

... [Edit] reply fail meant to reply to 2.1

swiftshot933571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

look at what happened in March. ONE month the PS3 outsells the Wii and *all of the sudden* we see FFVII on PSN.

They are so into profit they're willing to accept paychecks to make crap games that dont even sell as well on the exclusive console platform they usually choose for their games-Xbox 360.

They are soley reliant on the FF franchise to the point that they would die without it.

They kick @$$ with DS and PSP though :P

Edit: People it was the merge. The merge ruined Square.

Bnet3433571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

People will buy Final Fantasy games no matter what. My question is, who is the RPG powerhouse this gen? I say BioWare for Mass Effect IMO, but some might say Bethesda with F3 and Obliv. Or whoever made Eternal Sonata and Tales of V.

velcry3571d ago

1. SE tried to diversify away from FF, because it can't be good putting all your eggs in one basket. Problem is, they didn't devote that much time / effort into it. When they could have had more Chrono Triggers, they ended up with more Last Remnants.

2. SE tried to break into the western market by pandering to certain consoles, and to incorporate western elements into its games. Problem is, they alienated their main fan base, and gave newcomers an unsatisfying experience that they wouldn't want to return to.

3. SE believed wrongly that they people would wait obediently for the next installments of their best franchises. Problem is, gamers need their fix regularly. Starve them for too long, and they move on to greener pastures out of need. The generation of SE diehards are getting older, and the bulk of younger gamers don't know what the fuss is all about.

TheRealSpy3571d ago

ever since FF XIII was announced for 360 there has been nothing be articles trashing SquareEnix. it's ridiculous. these guys have made great games for years, STFU.

this is nothing but unjustified fanboy retaliation.

i'm so bored of this "console war"

RememberThe3573571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Next time read the article. He says nearly the exact same thing you just said, with out the f'ed up attitude.

He's saying that Suqaresoft was a power house of RPG production. But it seems that after Squaresoft and Enix merged, and this new generation started, they have been dropping the ball. This is not about consoles it's about quality.

If Square Enix was releasing quality console titles, people would not be able to talk as much crap as they are. Unfortunately, they aren't and the criticism is well warranted.

TheRealSpy3571d ago

that doesn't change the validity of my statement.

before last year's E3, all we had was SE praise and huge hype around the amazing PS3 exclusive...FF XIII. THEN, E3 hits and SE tells us they are bring it to 360 too and suddenly SE fell off and is only about profits.

it's a joke

oh, and the last remnant and star ocean are both good games and reviewed pretty well. and those are their most recent titles. so what else ya got?

SaiyanFury3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

@ 1.0

I could not agree more. S-E was criticising Sony for not having a definition of what the PS3 was. Sony was marketing the machine as a multimedia home theatre device as well as a games machine. That was the source of discontent with S-E. Now, with the current generation of games, there hasn't been a SINGLE S-E property I've been really interested in. I WAS looking forward to FFXIII but after seeing the trailer on the PSN and seeing how much it looked like an FPS I became completely disinterested. The stale/colourless atmosphere coupled to characters that used no swords or anything. Just the personality of the game crippled my enthusiasm. Yet, here we have Tales of Vesperia coming for PS3, a bright, vibrant game that KNOWS it's a JRPG. I'm really looking forward to it. S-E has lost it's identity. Instead of developing Japanese RPGs, they develop RPGs that they think people in the west would want, instead of making clear games that us original JRPGamers would want. This clearly indicates their interest in profit, and not making quality, original games.

EDIT: I would like to point out a case where a JS/RPG (strategy) meets western interests very well. Valkyria Chronicles is such a game. It's a strategy RPG that caters to the west's love of military games that still retains it's Japanese aesthetic. Beautiful watercolour graphics with a clearly Japanese appearance. The game is approached as a JSRPG, but with a shooting and action aspect. It was brilliantly produced by SEGA, and maintains it's Japanese identity that can still appeal to western gamers. True, the game didn't sell well, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a Japanese-style RPG that can appeal to western gamers' love of military games. Just a footnote in the annals of gaming history. Valkyria Chronicles will go down as this generation's Final Fantasy Tactics, I swear. In it's time, FFT was also under-appreciated.

king dong3571d ago

100% agree. before e3 last year, it didn't matter which rpg was on the 360 beacuse the ps3 had ff...but after the multi-platform announcement. lol square were rubbish, and level5 were new rpg masters. just because white knight was ps3 exclusive. also have you noticed how the only ff this gen worth playing according to the losers on n4sonyfanboys is ff versus.

it was the same soul calibre. it didn't matter what fighting game was on the 360 because tekken was ps3 exclusive, then tekken went multi, and was all "it dont matter, it's just a fighting game".

and just look at how they've all(sony fanboys and fanboy blogs)have turned against gta. after gta4 it would appear is going to evolve like the gta3 did last gen. yet, they all want it back as ps3 exclusive, but hate it now it's multi....and hate it even more now that the first episode turned out really good.

twisted loser fanboys!!

bubbles up by the way.

pain777pas3571d ago

This gen I have not played all the Rpgs so I don't know who the true king is. I am looking forward to Tales for the PS3 and FF13. Look if the game truly does not deliver than I will be dissappointed. I hope it is good because I used to love there games and still play missions in FF7 CC. Oblivion is the best RPG so far. ME is not only because I has less things to do and less interactivity. But ME is memorable for so many reasons and I will not spoil the choices that you have to make and tough choices at that. SE will have to step it up if they want to compete with Bioware because they are rapidly rising the ranks. If we were to base this on quality alone Bioware would have my vote on being one of the most consistently great developers on the planet with Insomniac, Bethesda and Kojima productions.

ultimolu3571d ago

Could you guys name *one* game that Square Enix brought out either this year or last year that was 90 and above?

Could you?

I'm pretty sure that people accept the fact that FFXIII is multiplatform now. This has nothing to do with it. It's the deteriorating quality of Square's games that's the issue here.


NeoBasch3571d ago

Who's the new RPG powerhouse? ATLUS! :D After playing Persona 3 and 4, there is no other option. Actually, the SMT series in general has been pretty awesome.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I knew this would happen.

KOJIMA faced the SAME FATE. Except, he refused the CHECK$ AND 9GB DVD, and stayed focused on his masterpiece.

raztad3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

No RPG powerhouse by now. Good to see a lot of companies trying to pull quality RPGs and fill in SE empty space.

I mean, SE has three major selling blockbusters, DQ, KH an FF. DQ is DS bound. FF went the multiplatform route but is taking eons to arrive here, whatever the reasons. Nobody knows about KH3, we will see, it could be very well being released as a exclusive Wii game, I dont know but in any case, it's not happening any time soon.

So there is a vacuum there and it's a good thing to have more than one company producing good RPGs. Way to go SEGA, I LOVE Valkyrie C.

STK0263571d ago

Have you played the last remnant? infinite undiscovery? project sylpheed? These are most of the games SE made or published this generation, it's decent at best. The only good game they published was Star Ocean TLH, and even then, some could argue about that game. They also released some WiiWare games aswell as a Echoes of time, again, nothing to be truly amazed at.

On the handheld side, SE has released an impressive amount of remakes and ports, like FFT, SO 1 and 2, FF 1 to 4, Chrono Trigger etc. Some new content, but not much.

The reason SE was praised like a year ago and it's not today, is mostly because in the last year they released what looked to be promising games and under delivered.

It's easy blaming everything on the fanboys, as they are responsible for alot of things, but SE' descent to hell is only to be blamed on SE.

edgeofblade3571d ago

I agree with the OP that S-E has lost it's vision, but I'm not about to agree that Sony has some premonition of their weakness and (in their all-knowing wisdom) let them go. S-E is about profits, and going multi-plat in this generation is a great move.

It's all worth it to me to see petty fanboys cry "betrayal".

Guitardr853571d ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen. I look at Atlus and Tri-Ace now for quality RPG's.

king dong3571d ago

hold on, i thought scores didn't matter? normally when someone metions meta-critic, the sony fanboys like yourself usually dismiss it! so what's it to be?

anyway, the only review that counts for me is my own! i've enjoyed LO, last remnant and infinite undiscovery..

idlewild_3571d ago

FFX was actually by squaresoft (it didn't suck), but FFX-2 onwards was square-enix (they sucked)

honestly, the only good games to come out of the merger are dissidia, crisis core, TWEWY, and KHII (debatable, not as good as first, and story has become so convoluted)...4 'good' games in 6 years?

FlameBaitGod3571d ago

Love to see the 360 fanboys still think SE is doing still great but apparently any 1 who says SE is losing it is a PS3 fanboy. Then you clearly haven't been playing SE games b4, If you tell me that SE hasn't change they you are clearly blinded by the fanboy sight. Star Ocean last hope pro game ? Plz lie to your self no 1 else, The last Remnant Lol ? good game PLZ you clearly dk what good games are then and last Infinite Undiscovery. If you guys have the nerve to say SE hasn't lost their touch and say those games where good than dam, you loyalty to the 360 is amazing. Almost every SE game sold over a million ez, have those passed million ? are those quality games with great story play ? Yeah thx

XxZxX3571d ago

I like FFXII, but I hate FFX-2 it felt like playing sailor moon. And Yes that's the only FFX i did not finish. It was so bad, i have to stop.

thesummerofgeorge3571d ago

You'd think they would be listening by now, even if profits are there main concern, you can't increase profits if your fanbase no longer believes in your company. I guess they never heard the saying: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

ultimolu3571d ago

king dong, do you really think you got me good? In this case, I am talking about Square. Square, before they merged always produced games that were within the 90 range and were critically acclaimed. Now that they merged, the quality spiraled downward.

Don't give me that crap about scores when you 360 fanboys started that crap with scores in the first place.

Shepherd 2143570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Japanese RPG's blow really hard anyways. They are all pretty much the same and they are horribly unoriginal nowadays.

Western RPG's are the best and are much more varied and innovative. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, Fallout 1,2, and 3. These are all games that go far beyond Final Fantasy and the countless other japanese lookalikes, such as Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, Last Remnant, etc.

Sorry but no JRPG can stand up to Star Wars: KotOR, or the Elder Scrolls games for that matter.

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dktxx23571d ago

In my honest opinion, i don't think square is any worse they've been in the past. I think the japanese style rpg is just getting old. they've been the same for so long, since before ps1 days. The only franchise that has tried new tings is Final Fantasy, which is interestingly still good. Plus with western action adventurer rpgs kicking ass lately. fable, elder scrolls, and i guess people liked mass effect (i don't know why though ugh) it goes to show even more how lame JRPG's are getting. The genre needs new life.

Imallvol73571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

That's a good way to look at it actually. However, I do think they got worse . . . I mean did you play Loss Odyssey? I couldn't play very long at all. The battle scenes were so choppy and convoluted. It held my interest for five minutes.

All of their characters, worlds, and stories have been so stale this generation. Where are the Vivi's, Auron's, and Clouds?

Oh, and Mass Effect is one of my favorite games ever . . .

Raoh3571d ago

I dont think jrpg's are getting old. its just that square is trying to step out of their element and do something they dont do. these new real time action jrpg's suck. and those are mainly from square.

mistwalker on the other hand has done an excellent job of keeping the jrpg gameplay tradition and still upgrading their games.

western rpg's are not the same at all. i consider some of these western rpg's really more like hack and slash games or shooters with rpg elements to them. great games none the less though.

if square wants to make a western game they should build one from the ground up not use one of their jrpg franchises and try to change the gameplay to appeal to americans. cause there are plenty of americans (like myself) that appreciate a good ole jrpg as it. i'll take a good ole turn based jrpg anyday.

that's why they have been failing lately.

hendersonman3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Lost Odyssey was one of the best RPGs I have played in years. I dont know what you are talking about it being choppy... did you even play it. Because the reviews of that game were wrong, the battle load times were not long like sites (1up, IGN) said. They actually game was more smooth than the review copies

EDIT: BTW I was right, checked your gamer card...looks like you never even played LO

gaffyh3571d ago

LO is great, I think you are talking about The Last Remnant and got your RPGs mixed up. Lost Odyssey is probably one of the best JRPGs this game, although I didn't like some aspects of it (main enemy design, cheesy dialogue, voice acting not too good)

Imallvol73571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Hendersonman . . . I most certainly have . . . but it was on my room mates console. We have 2 360's, 2 PS3's, Wii, and a plethora of old consoles between us so don't accuse me of simply trying to make a game look bad for no reason.

You are obviously in the minority when you say you like this game. However, I know that's possible. There are alot of games I love that weren't critically praised and alot of games that are praised critically that I don't like (see GTA series).

Marquis_de_Sade3571d ago

I disagree, Lost Odyssey is easily the best classically styled JRPG of this generation (by the I mean turn based). The story line isn't the main highlight, it's the characters and their background that made it into a good game in my opinion.

N4Flamers3570d ago

it felt like a good old jrpg and im a fan of those, so if you dont like it thats your opinion. I will say this that if the games square has been comming out with were more simmilar to what mystwalker has done, less people would complain.

XxZxX3570d ago

henderson, GamerTag only show recently played games. NOT ALL games played. HOW are you right?

hendersonman3567d ago

Because you can go into the achievement list and it tells you weather or not it has been played at all.

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jkhan3571d ago

I think the problem with SE is that they are taking too long with FF-XIII and in the mean time they released a couple of half baked games and not to mention there failure to release a single game on a console whose predecessor was there bread butter and which has a bigger install base in Japan than the 360 where JRPGs really matter. Instead of wasting budget and development time on those gimped games, they should have put all there resources in releasing FF-XIII. SE has hurt PS3 really bad, if all those game, even those half-baked JRPGs were released on PS3 as well, it would have been a totally different story and PS3 would have been around 5-6 million in Japan already.

Max Power3571d ago

have taken too long with FFXIII, but they will realize the strength of the Sony market which they have ignored this whole generation. The sales of FFXIII in Japan alone will make their whole business outlook silly right away.

dericb113571d ago

Its sad to see people disagree with the truth. FF:13 will sell more in Japan then any other place. Apr. 16th we get to see what crazy sale a Blu-ray will put up cause its packed with a demo. Not to say people aren't buy it for the movie but why wait to buy a system when a demo comes out.

N4Flamers3570d ago

ff 13 will sell alot more in japan than both versions in america, thats just my guess. I wonder will we have fanboys still complaining about SE then.

Kamikaze1353571d ago

Since they aren't good anymore, might as well re-release what made them good in the past.

KingDizzi3571d ago

Plain and simple, the top teams at SE have yet to release a game. I am talking about the FFXIII team, KH team whom are making Versus and also DQ IX which is a combination of companies.

SE have taken a long time to make these games, that has been the problem. KH 2, the FF games since SE formed and DQ have been fantastic. The problem is that the lesser teams have released games which are no where near the quality we expect.

All I can say is wait a few more days and watch how people foam over the FFXIII demo let alone the full game. Versus is being made by the KH so that is a given to be a great game but like I said, it has simply taken a long long time.