The Grudge Gets A Wii Game

Horror movie Ju-on, known overseas as the Grudge, is coming to the Wii. AQ Interactive is publishing Kyoufu Taikan Ju-On (loosely Feel Fear: Ju-On) which is based on the film.

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Kamikaze1353571d ago

Since it looks like a good game, but it's a 3rd party game....most good 3rd party Wii games don't dare to leave Japan.

hatchimatchi3571d ago

i hope it comes to the states, it looks pretty good from the screenshots and it could definitely provide for some good scares, especially if the sound is done well. Im not getting my hopes up though for a stateside release.

Gaara_7243570d ago

the greatest j-horror movie ever on the wii!!!!!!

sinncross3570d ago

hmmm i dunno, i love the grudge (both american and japanese originals) but this doesn't look awfully amazing.

Besides we all know how the game is going to end... well if u follow the ju-on series anyway.

macalatus3570d ago

I smell a cheap, Fatal Frame rip-off!!

SublimingMass3570d ago

i absolutely hated ju-on (the grudge), I've only seen the Japanese version. i watched the movie a year or so before i even heard about the American film. I didn't like it at all, very slow, boring and not scary at all and is the reason i haven't watched the american version.

when i saw "the ring" 1 and 2 i thought they were brilliant (i watched the American version's) then when i watched the Japanese version of the first film it was so terrible i got halfway through before turning it off.

has anyone seen the american version of "Bangkok dangerous"? i loved the original.

sinncross3570d ago

Japanese horror tends to be slower and as well more packed with story.
You would enjoy the typical japanese horror if u enjoy dramas.

as for the Americans rings: ive never been so bored in my life during a film.