First day sales in Japan

First day sales data in Japan for various games have been released.

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Marceles3565d ago

That's it? Thats kinda...disappointing, I thought the game would've flown off shelves.

Obama3565d ago

I hope they bring it to the ps2 or ps3. I can tell that it's a great game.

hatchimatchi3564d ago

word on the street is that wii games have legs, so expect Muramasa to sell a million+ buy the end of the month...

FinalomegaS3564d ago

a million is way to much for a month, but yes I agree they do have legs.

hatchimatchi3564d ago


i was just being sarcastic.

N4g_null3564d ago

16,000 (50%) which means it has already sold half it's order. When it sells out they will order more. The sales across the board are pretty low though. Japan is looking pretty bad right now WOW. This just means they do not have a very strong publisher and no ads where made for this game. Or maybe it isn't that popular? It took new super mario bros a long time to find new players also.

As a gamer it does not matter if it sold, it only matter if I can play it. Us wii hardcore and not trying to prove any thing to the other hardcore we are just here to get our game on. Another thing is this mean I can get an import copy!