New In Game Drakes Fortune Screens

Here are some amazing screens and all in real time.

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techie4767d ago

:O Shadows looking can feel and see how the guy is going to move! I can't wait to control him. This is going to be amazing. Where did these come from!?

GaMr-4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

The most news connected person on this site.

A "Game news reporting Beast" if you must. Or even Kratos of the game news world.

Dont worry how I got them. Just sit back and enjoy. I have atleast ten more earth shattering news stories sitting in my email inbox. I will revial all in due time. I give people on this site a chance to catch up.

Kotaku, PSU and a few others just recently got the Final Fantasty 13 exclusivity story. LMAO... I had it since this morning.

EDIT: ok maybe not ten but a a few more. In due time soccerstar in due time.

soccerstar4767d ago

GaMr what else could you possibly have that is earth shattering plz tell me

Siesser4767d ago

Can't wait to see new footage of this game, and ultimately get my hands on it. I saw no real confirmation anywhere that this was in-game though. The link goes to a forum where the original poster won't say where he got them (although the "GI" is a subtle clue ;-))

I'm not saying that they're not (I'd like to think they are, based on where they were a year ago with the in-engine trailer), but there's no real factual basis for calling it so.

soccerstar4767d ago

Wow this is one of the reasons i got my ps3

wildcat4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

Just roaming around the jungle looks to be a lot of fun! I wonder if there are wild animals like leopards! Remember Tomb Raider had tigers and bears,...............and dinosaurs :P (lol)

SEAN16174767d ago

Epic were are you guys at this is better looking then the unreal engine 3 very nice

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The story is too old to be commented.