Yahoo UK: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Echoes of Time Review

Yahoo writes: "Share the dungeon-exploring fun across Nintendo Wii and DS with this magical new adventure from Square Enix.

Each new Final Fantasy game is both a blessing and a curse for publisher Square Enix. On the one hand you have the prestigious name lending credibility, while on the other more casual players can be forgiven for thinking 'What, another one already?!' Also you're not quite sure what manner of Final Fantasy you'll be getting from one version to the next – real-time strategy or a turn-based fighting RPG.

In fact Echoes of Time is neither! It's an action-oriented dungeon quest in which part of the fun is adventuring alongside friends. If you're familiar with Sega's Phantasy Star Online series you'll already get the gist. If not, well it's fairly straightforward. Anyway we think it's just as well that you don't get too hung up on the Final Fantasy brand here if it only confuses you because Echoes of Time is simply a great game."

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