Ninja Gaiden Sigma Battle Montage (HD)

Ninja Gaiden Sigma in Action. Click on the video link below the embedded video for the HD version.

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techie5241d ago (Edited 5241d ago )

Umm it doesnt work have to watch it as a larger'll see what i mean when you try and play the clip

15seconds for 32mb! Hmph lucky

It's all so fast. Looks so impressive. I just remembered why i come to this site. For the games :)

no_more_heroes5241d ago

I had to download it to watch it (a small penalty to pay when that took about 15 seconds tops, but whatever)

no_more_heroes5241d ago

Cuz still looks like a low quality video to me. The life bar looks pixelated and does this weird thing

VirtualGamer5241d ago

I went to the actual link and the video is large screen, looks awesome and its just over a minute long.

techie5241d ago

yuh i downloaded it. Looks great doesn't it:P

candystop5241d ago

This game has always looked good but now it looks like more of a HD experience! I can't wait to see how part 2 looks and I really hope this game scores well!

Ps3Fanboy7775241d ago

Even if you played the 1st its worth playing again. Or is Ninja Gaiden not good enough to play again?

Port my a$$...