PS3 community launches Sunday Night Foldathon

The said event is dubbed as Sunday Night Foldathon (SNF), and here's how it goes: This Sunday night, March 25, all PS3 users are encouraged to turn on their systems and run the folding program. It could be anytime you want, even right before you go to Dreamland and you can just let the program run until you wake up in the morning. And that's it.

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techie4767d ago

Oooh good experiment - they can then find out how efficient it actually is and work out the yeilds they will get:)

Bleyd4767d ago

I installed [email protected] on my PS3 and I've left it running for the day today to see how it will do. When I left for work this morning it was processing at 0.08 seconds per frame. No, I didn't get that backwards. I inverted that fraction to get 12.5 frames per second. I thought to myself "Huh, that's not that fast considering games usually go about 30 to 60 frames per second." So I got curious about my work PC and how it would do. I installed it on my work PC which is a Windows XP machine using a hyperthreading Pentium 4 CPU running at 3.00GHz and 2.99GHz with 512MB of RAM. It's estimating that it'll be done with the first frame in about half an hour. So the difference between the two machines seems to be .08 seconds for one frame vs. 30 minutes for one frame. Maybe I've got something configured wrong on my PC but that difference just simply astounds me.

techie4767d ago

Wow that is pretty good. They really have optimised it for the both says something about the cell processor, but also about having the same piece of hardware to program for. They have to program for th universal pc, so it's much harder to optimise for it.

But still that is great - I think if everybody did it every now and again the yeilds will be incredible. For once you can say having a console is a good thing

Bleyd4767d ago

For whatever reason my computer has settled down and it's now averaging around 30 seconds per frame and not 30 minutes anymore. Still a staggering difference though.

Siesser4767d ago

I work Sunday night/Monday morning, but I'm more than willing to risk letting it run the 13 hours I'm gone :)

kamakazi4767d ago

im off monday morning so ill be up sunday night :)

kornbeaner4767d ago

just to see what happens.

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The story is too old to be commented.