Upcoming Free Roaming Games of 09

Even though Grand Theft Auto III shoved the free roaming genre into the limelight there are tons of other franchises that have been doing their bit as well and last year's Saint's Row 2 showed that you don't have to go the ultra-realistic way to have fun. Either way, whatever your choice be there are a few interesting free roaming games lined up for 2009 and here they are, served on a platter just for you.

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KionicWarlord2223570d ago

no one knows if alan wakes coming out. but i agree with the article..i havent played god father 2 yet though

JokesOnYou3570d ago

If we did get Alan Wake this year or very early next year.


ThanatosDMC3570d ago

It really depends how Alan Wake would turn out since we know jack $hit about it. It'd be great if it's free roam. But it's suppose to be like a Silent Hill game. So no jacking cars from monsters!

Myst3570d ago

inFamous and Prototype rentals for me, definitely want to try them out, but don't know if I'll purchase them right off the bat.

ironmonkey3570d ago

ill rent prototype and buy infamous cause i love exclusives regardless what the reviews will be

Panthers3570d ago

The ultimate fanboy. Someone who spends $60 just because the game is exclusive, whether it is good or not.

But I cant tell if you are being sarcastic so yea...

MGOelite3570d ago

ill buy any exclusive if it looks ok and i like the genre on a whole, eg i havent bought a racing game or a sports game in over 8 years, but bought just about every fps/rpg regardless of the reviews for the ps3

ShinFuYux3570d ago

That interest me is Alan Wake. Unfortunately it's only for 360 and PC.

well, I hope it wont require insane specs so i can play it on my laptop....

GamerPS3603570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

i have 360 and newly built PC. Guess, which version I'd be getting :D, if it is any good.
hint : Cheaper and better version. Could be free if I burn it :D

mesh13570d ago

why does kingdom under fire 2 gameplay have better graphics that god of war 3 ?plz fanboys explain and also kuf2 is an xbox exclusive .

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The story is too old to be commented.