What To Expect From Sony At E309

The Electronic Entertainment Expo known as "E3" returns this june to It's roots; The video game event is to take place this June in Los Angeles California. The guys at Game Of Honor was kind enough to list what they expect from Sony conference at this year expo.

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jkhan3568d ago

I doubt there will be ICO3 at E3, reason being that I believe TeamICO will most probably announce the game at TGS09, or may be we will see a teaser trailer at E3 and a full fledge announcement at E3.
Whats certain at e3 is:
Uncharted 2, MAG, GOW3, GT5, Ratchet & Clank: Crack in Time, Heavy Rain, Quantum Theory, NGS2, WKC US release, Twisted Metal and a few new announcement and other exclusive PSN titles. So far the list is looking very healthy.

Mainman3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Kojima productions will probably officially anounce Metal Gear Solid 5, and maybe another multi-platform title.

Also, I really want to know to finally know what ICO is up to, but they might wait till TGS though (hopefully they wont).

Narutone663568d ago

release date of GT5 and I'll be happy.
The release date of Eyepet and my children will be happy.

Lifendz3567d ago

I gave Sony 550 bucks for a console. More than I paid for any console ever. And I've owned a 3DO. I haven't been let down once.

What do I expect? I expect more of the same. Fat Princess, God of War, Ico, and much much more that the other side can't fathom. Look, play your system. If you love what you got than I'm happy for you. But on the real I can't be more happy to have chosen a PS3 over the competition. Sony's E3 always bring the fire. MS may take one time exclusives but they'll never get the games that are published by Sony. And InFamous looks NUTS! Look man, don't be a fanboy, but a gamer. If you have the dough get both. If not, I can't fault you for getting either one over the other. But as a PS3 only owner I gotta say that I haven't been letdown since Heavenly Sword dropped.

Uncharted 2 for the mother F******* win!!!!

Freak of Nature3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

First off I would want to hear and see something,anything on Team ICO's next game...They mention SOTC in the article,but it's already been mentioned that the game will be more along the lines of a ICO game. My hopes are that we get a act/adb/platformer like ICO,but with the incredible boss battles of SOTC mixed into the act/adv aspect of the game...A short glimpse would be fine with me,I don't want to wait yet another half year for ICO news at TGS...

And almost one year later I am still curious and hoping to see/hear anything on the game the BBC reporter raved about almost a year ago...I saw a game in Pre-viz stage,concepts and some bull-shots behind closed doors last year at E3 of a very promising game,An old artist work partner of mine is working on,and I still wonder if this is the game? It was code named "Spooky castle,an act/adv platfomer,that is off the charts in eye candy and style.Perhaps some news will come out at E3 this time around.

More details and looks into Uncharted 2 and Ratchet and Clanks next games will be great to see....Perhaps Insomniac's third IP will be shown in some early form?The rumored act/adv RPG platformer?Anything on Kingdom hearts 3?Or is that going to be for TGS?GOW3 release date.Twisted metal unveiling? GT5,Mag.Quantum Theory should have a nice showing....The list is staggering,almost too many to count,nice problem to have if you are a gamer....

Multi-plats like Dark void,CODMF2,Bioshock 2,Assassins creed 2,Brutal legend,Borderlands,Rage,Dead rising 2,to name a few....

indyman77773567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

If there are so many PS3 games why
does list 585 for

and are there
only 426 for ps3

and yes that
includes future games for ps3. If
ps3 has so many AAA titles why does
wikipedia list 35 _games

for xb0x360 and only 9 for PS3?
That translates into 38% more AAA
titles for the xbox360, even though
it does not have even50% more
machines out there! So shut up.
Numbers don't lie fantoys!

Last time I checked this
site and all it's fantoys said 2007
was the year of PS3 (it was a
blowout in xbox360s favore). Then
last year 2008 was suppose to be
year of the PS3 but it once again a
blowout in favore of xbox360.
What has ICO done lately?

Lucreto3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Quality > Quantity

or this graph will also hurt.

redsquad3567d ago

Given the choice between ten crappy plastic coffee stirrers and one silver spoon, I'll take the latter any day.

Tito Jackson3567d ago

But why wasn't peanut butter a factor

Beast_Master3567d ago

Here is how Sony's press event goes down.

First they do the numbers part. then introduce a music store for PSN, give demo of in game tracks, then show some trailers for upcoming PSP games including Jak and Dexter, Ass. Creed, LBP, then they reveil a new model of PSP with flip screen. Then they talk about PSN games, and home updates. Then they move onto PS3 reveal the 40 gig model for 299 and 80 gig with Uncharted bundled for 399, then give demos of Uncharted 2, MAG, DC Universe Online, and God of War 3. Then show trailers for the upcoming fall release window, including God of War, Buzz, Singstar, MAG, White Knight Cron. and all the games we know about. Then Jack goes into new annoucement games for 2010, GT 5 trailer is shown with a surprise release date. Sony Bend reveals Syphon Filter PS3, Kojima comes out with Jack Trenton to reveal new project MGS portable ops 2 for PSP and Zone of Enders sequal. Rockstar and Sony colabrative game is then revealed. Then Jack talks about there efforts to lock down exclusives, and the head of Square joins jack on stage and shows trailer for FF13, then a new vs13 exclusive, then Kingdom Hearts 3 is revealed as exclusive. Then Jack says goodbye and the lights dim and a trailer plays revealing Team ICO game. Confrence ends. MS $hits their pants.

king dong3567d ago

but i would love to here that MAG is coming this year! please let it be so!

Beast_Master3567d ago

Oh forgot to mention Jaffe Project also gets revealed. Also, hear is what I would guess we don't hear about at this E3.
1. No PSP2 reveal, I think they are finally happy with the install base of PSP so they need to push more software for it for the next year.
2. Warhawk 2. It could be there in trailer form, but if you believe the article just 2 months ago, Incognito just got their latest project green-lit so I would say they are a year away from a reveal.
3. Resistance 3. GDC 2010 or Q1 of 2010 it will be revealed.
4. No Sony Japan RPG reveals, accept ICO. This is a western show mostly and Square may have cornered the market for Sony this E3.
5. GG doesn't annouce KZ3.

As for other Game reveals like Big Big, Cambrige, Evolution or Liverpool all could be fair game. Maybe even Ninja Theory or Level 5 could reveal something.

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LordMarius3568d ago

As long I hear something about Kingdom Heart 3 and Twisted Metal I'll be happy, whatever happen to that awesome exclusive that was mention a while back, well I expect that as well. No price cut seems reasonable if they are planning on releasing a lower model. So far I dont see any surprises at E3 from Sony only confirmations of things we know are coming.

Raoh3568d ago

LOL @ less memory

and this blog calls hhg full of crap

Snake Raiser3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

How did this get approved?
I mean really, they have three posts and one of them is HHG STFU! Who are these guys. it is also short, full of grammatical errors, and tells us nothing really.

Raoh3568d ago

This site is probably run my vgchartz younger cousin

IrishRepublicanArmy3568d ago

and maybe a price cut or new model etc.
also maybe announce 1 or 2 exclusives the xbox for the ps3.

Firstkn1ghT3568d ago

I'm still waiting for my precious Twisted Metal.

Microsoft Xbox 3603568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Same here. Twisted Metal was my very first PlayStation game. Kinda sad its not even out or revealed on PS3 yet.

labaronx3568d ago

I Completely Agree A PS3 version of Twisted Metal is long over due!!!!

Max Power3568d ago

that the sony PR team gave Eat Sleep Play the thumbs up and will show it at E3.

Firstkn1ghT3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Give me a real next gen Twisted Metal ps3 Bundle and I'll be there day one. One of my favorite genres (I guess you can call it Vehicle/Shooter) and sadly has not been seen yet in the next gen.

kwicksandz3567d ago

Give me Gt5 proper, not this paid demo BS the real deal!!

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