Resistance Retribution Sales Promising, For The PSP

Released over three weeks ago to rave reviews from critics, Resistance Retribution was praised for being a perfect example of how a Playstation Portable game should be approached by developers. Sales haven't necessarily been through the roof, but it has been selling reasonably well for a PSP game.

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Kyll3571d ago

You know, I think I need to give this game some more playtime, before I judge it too harshly.

mephman3571d ago

Yea, I definitely think the game gets better the more time you spend with it.

gaffyh3571d ago

Yeah it's a very very good game, one of the best games available on PSP

Blaze9293571d ago

Yeah online is actually a ball and it used your PSN account to sign on. I havent even started the story yet!

RememberThe3573571d ago

And fairly long as well. It defiantly deserves to sell well.

Ju3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Its damn hard at time, IMO. Sometimes I think the campaign is what R2 should have been. I like this way more, using R:FoM style (and narrative) and it connects so well to the first part.

RememberThe3573571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

*Ok, no one freak out*

I'm starting to think that Sony Bend is a better developer then Insomniac. What they have been able to get out of the PSP is truly remarkable. With Syphon Filter and now Retribution, they have yet to let me down.They seriously need to do something for the PS3.

mephman3571d ago

Yea, I think the story was much more engaging than Resistance 2's, and I hope in Resistance 3 they revert back to the original way.

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terrandragon3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I'd say Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is better, but not by much.

Gitaroo3571d ago

the game is 10 times better when I play it with the dual shock 3. I think this game need a little of balancing because some of the weapons seems to be way too weak. The game is definitely a triple A PSP title..... atleast for me with ds3.

colossi163571d ago

I would have got this game, but I sold my psp to a friend that needed it for cheap. Thinking about buying it again, but I kinda want to see what games the DS has.

fishd3571d ago

Man, Bend studio should start working on PS3 games,they know what they are doing!

Syphon Filter baby!

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