XIK's Review of Killzone 2

Here we are, four years later after the announcement of the PS3. That day, E3 shook like never before; the PlayStation 3 was announced to the masses in 2005 and with it, Killzone 2 was the first title that would show a pre-rendered trailer side by side the announcement. The trailer was shocking; it was perhaps the most talked about thing out of the entire show.Who cared about the new PlayStation, the Killzone 2 trailer looked marvelous! The trailer itself represented the PS3's "PLAY B3YOND" slogan showcasing graphic beauty beyond all our expectations. Sadly, the trailer was indeed pre-rendered and because of that fact, Guerilla Games was then on constantly clobbered with the condemnation of their seemingly unachievable graphical standards showcased by the pre-rendered trailer.

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Spike473570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Sadly, I haven't bought it yet(although I've played it), shame on me.:(

Spike473570d ago

if I had the $60, believe me I would get this game in a heartbeat.

hatchimatchi3570d ago

it's well worth the money