New Zealand Sony release list dates Fat Princess for June 18

Joystiq writes:

"We realize that New Zealand is like, a bajillion miles away, but we thought we'd bring your attention to a Kiwi-bound PlayStation release schedule, which finally provides a firm release date for Titan Studios' upcoming PSN title, Fat Princess. According to the list, PS3 owners can begin strengthening soul-crushingly negative obesity stereotypes when the game drops June 18. We still don't know whether the States will see a simultaneous release, but it certainly fits nicely within our previously promised summer launch window."

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UltimateIdiot9113569d ago

Can't wait, this is going to be fun.

IrishRepublicanArmy3569d ago

but a hell of a lot of ppl will!!

cranium3568d ago

I can only get one. I'm torn :(

IrishRepublicanArmy3568d ago

what if i cant afford it or what if i have enuf games already??

axeru7773569d ago

This game looks funny and fun

ThanatosDMC3568d ago

I'll see y'all there and kill y'all!

TheDude2dot03569d ago

omg this is so racist and degradin to woman everwher! i cant beleve u guys r goin 2 buy this?

SoapShoes3569d ago

In case you are serious, a man stuffing himself would be fine then? Funny how because it's a woman it's degrading, but when it's a man you probably don't care. Double standard much?

UltimateIdiot9113569d ago

I don't see any racism in this at all. It's not really degrading either, I mean, if you eat cake and sweets, it's pretty obvious you get fat.

TheDude2dot03569d ago

if u guys realy beleve this isnt racist u guys must b blind

TapiocaMilkTea3569d ago

Well, it does make it seem like women will eat any cakes and sweets you throw at them.

Myst3569d ago

Umm, the definition which still stands as racist is the BELIEF that one race is inferior to another. Not to mention that race isn't really "real" it's more of a concept that was brought about by people to show that their were differences among ethnic groups.

As for sexist? I don't know, not really at least not in my eyes, maybe to feminist yes. Yet it's the same scenario of save the princess only this time with a twist. Besides, their have been more fat guys in gaming than anything else. One fat lady isn't going to break the stage...

ParanoidMonkey3569d ago

Uh... he's being sarcastic lol

Surfman3568d ago

if it was "Fat Prince", no one would care.

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San Frandisco3569d ago

how is talking about fat chix racist man?
racist is about wut race they are and alking crap about their heritage and so forth...
and fat chix are not a race of their own so you need to sit down and STFU cuz FAT ASS PRINCESS is gunna be awesome and i cant wait to get my bloody hands on here.

idiealot3569d ago

hope it is priced at 9.99. i have a feeling it will be 14.99 (stupid flock).

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