Gamestop being investigated by Federal Trade Commission

The alleged practice of GameStop lending new copies of games to employees at their stores and then later selling those games as new, unused copies, may be a violation of federal law.

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tiberious1513570d ago

Good, while their there they should investigate Gamestop for giving away personal credit card information to Reservation Rewards and the many others companies that have our card numbers. Screw these guys, I hope justice will be served one day.

Trollimite3570d ago

we also sale your phone numbers to our parteners. have you guys been getting calls from companies that youve never heard, telling your your insurance is about in expier. thats our fault. i pray to god we get caught

XxSolid SnakexX3570d ago

LOL thats what they get cheap bastards XD

N4g_null3570d ago

WOW just WOW! Man some people are getting fired and good god this could shut the place down if it is big enough. WOW Man the rats will be jumping ship really soon!


ReservoirDog3163570d ago

don't forget to buy Valkyria Chronicles at gamestop for $30

it's one of the best games on the PS3 and for $30?
it's a steal

Heldrasil3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

@ 1

Sorry mate, but the whole comment of "Reservation Rewards" doesn't make sense to me. The program that is called "Reservation Rewards" is a customer "selectable" program that they are entered into when making a an online purchase, but the customer at times DOES NOT know it exists because of all the fine print BS that sites give you (make sure you uncheck all those lovely boxes). It is really up to the end user to read the fine print and not enter into a crappy contract with some other company (often at the prospect of getting discounts) ....Yes, it's sneaky and a bunch of crap, but no one should complain when they didn't read the fine print or ESPECIALLY when they actually bought something from Gamestop.

ThanatosDMC3570d ago

Good! I really doubt their "preowned" games since they take out the disk from the cabinets. That's why i always ask for the sealed ones without the sticker.

Tru_Ray3570d ago

When I went to Gayme Stop to purchase R6V back in '07, the clerk told me that they had one "display copy" left. I asked him if had ever been played before and quickly said "Nah".

He rang it up for $59.99 (I bought the game in conjunction with NGS. This game was actually "new").

I was always suspicious about the ethics of this practice. I'm glad that the FTC is looking into this.


N2NOther3570d ago

You do know that if you want you can say "no" to getting an open copy of the game. I love when people complain about this but yet they continue to buy open games.

Death3569d ago

was supposed to be stopped over a decade ago. The idea was to have employees sign out games to try out so they could intelligently recommend them or not. Corporate put a stop to it a long time ago since they had received complaints that the new games were being used. If this is still being done, it is at a store level and not a corporate level since corporate made it very clear it is not to be done. Gamestop/EB no longer allows you to return games or exchange them for a different title either which eliminates the possibility of re-selling new games.


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Quickstrike3569d ago

The Gamestop in my town has average teens to young adults gamers. Not biased to any system. They can tell you the best and worst qualities of each system.

Have you even been in a Gamestop or are you just going by the stereo-type shoved down your throat by just about every one that had a few bad days at Gamestop?

Slinger4203570d ago

I have had this happen to me. They say, "it's the last copy bro," but really it's a copy they played but kept as they have the box to advertise the game on the shelf. Bunch of rats.

hatchimatchi3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

yea that happened to me for the first time the other week when i bought battletoads.

Another thing is that whenever i would pre-order a game from gamestop i'd never get it on the release date, they always say, "no, that date is when the game ships out, you'll get it tomorrow" oh really? then why the hell does best buy and every other store have it?

Main reason i dont pre-order, but pre-ordering is pointless as hell anyways, games never sell out anymore.

Voozi3570d ago

Happened to me too once, this was back in early 07, I was going out to buy Madden 07 for PS3, they didnt have any left and did the whole "we have an unused never played copy"

Then other day when I was @ mall, they pulled that trick to some parent who was with their kid buying some game (wasnt sure what)

Oh yea and one time I preorderd Armored Core 4 from GS, and they apparently didn't get their copies in until like 2 days after release day, was a joke

I never go to GS now, unless its for some kinda bonus where I'll preorder to get it, then cancel it :D or some exclusive CE/LE that I can't get from any other store lol

Myst3570d ago

I 100% agree with you and that's the only reason as to why I can't shop at Gamestop majority of the time. Though for some reason I couldn't get Killzone 2 (I think it was KZ2) and [something else?] on release date, yet I was able to get DS version of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles echoes of time on release date.

I'm not to sure how they do it, but it seems mismatched. I find pre-ordering rather moot to begin with, especially if you have other stores nearby that will be selling the same game. Pre-ordering only seems to be helpful if one lives in a big city like new york, but if you live in about a medium sized to a small town it doesn't seem to be a problem what so ever.

xbollox3570d ago

anyone still buying games there??

gameshtapo kaput!
more bad news for xbollox suckas

Seferoth753570d ago

Bad news for MS and Nintendo. Of course since Gamestop isnt a movie store PS3 will not be hurt. Not like anyone actually buys games for it anyway.

hatchimatchi3570d ago

you just couldn't help yourself could you

xbollox3570d ago

great choice: your avatar suits you perfectly XDDD

ultimolu3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Aww, poor sephy is butt-hurt. xD

xbollox, stop picking fights dammit. >.>

Anon19743570d ago

If you've got something to add to the conversation, by all means join the community. We'd love to have you.

If you just want to spout off - there's a zone over there for you. Knock yourself out.

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