PlayStation Network Profile Concept V2

User Shakedown1986 on PlayStation Forums has improved his design making changes such as:
- L1 and R1 for 'About Me' section
- Removed a horizontal space on the top where the name and location is
- Added a better quality picture for the 'Current Status: Online' and made it green to represent Online.
- Changed the font type,size and color in 'About Me' section
- Improved the box around the 'About Me' to resemble the 'Trophies' box
- Improved the 'About Me' title size
- Made the progress bar more accurate
- Moved the progress percentage to the middle and changed color
- Darkened the background where it says the name
- Added a reflection to total number of trophies
- Added a background to the stars
- Added the 'Select','Back' and 'Option' button at the bottom
- Grayed out the 'invite to game' button better
- Added 'User Profile' on top
- Background Color Change


Has been updated

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Hallucinate3566d ago

this isnt me when sony implents this

ape0073566d ago

that's the magic of xbox live

live has all this and more

all psn needs is this

it already has awesome online games with servers and trophy support in most games

a complete online features with a totally new\unique gamercards along with home and all its coming updates\rewards\trophy rooms\etc... = theoritically the best online service in existance

come on sony you are a few steps close

off topic:the best feature I liked about 2.7 is the faster trophy card load,now you can lose an hour in home just checking trophies xD

vegnadragon3566d ago

Yeah, psn needs some of that stuff but it takes sony a long ass time to deliver.

Max Power3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

sony is slow...forget the fact they give complet flexibilty on the OS of the system and nearly complete control of your live the NEXT EXPERIENCE...duuuurrrrr.

Tempist3566d ago

Too much visual garbage. This is aweful and people need to give up on trying and come back when they know they have succeded.

Dragun6193566d ago

Hmm...I liked the other PSN Gamercard Concept better because it shows off your HOME character but this one is good too, just hope Sony actually implements these features.

PSN Gamercard Concept by Emissark

vegnadragon3566d ago

As cool as this looks, sony would never use that designs simply because they would need to buy off the rights from the creator. So the more of these concept design shows ups the less similar they will look. That is if or when they decide to change the user interface.

dericb113566d ago

It not like they have to pay a arm and a leg for something they already own. They just use the layout that is all. I'm sure it get be a small amount for a big company like Sony.

Myst3566d ago

Yeah I saw some of his work [basically this and some suggestions for sony] I would really love to see this, even if it would be announced for maybe next year or what not it would be a nice addition to the system.

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The story is too old to be commented.