Major Nelson: No Xbox Live security breach

Major Nelson has issued a statement dismissing recent reports that there has been a collapse in security with Xbox Live and Nelson says, "Despite some recent reports and speculation, I want to reassure all of our 6 million Xbox Live members that we have looked into the situation and found no evidence of any compromise of the security of the Xbox Live Network or"

Nelson goes on to say that there have been "isolated incidents" where users are trying to gain personal information. Microsoft is offering a PDF on how to protect yourself against identity theft.

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GamingFun4761d ago

Do you really expect MS to say "Yes we screwed up and accounts were taken" They LOVE to cover stuff up. How long did it take them to say they did have a horrible amount of launch machines bunk out on them? A very very long time is the answer just in case you forgot. They'll never admit that this happened. Even if they get 2 million reports of it they'll deny it.

My 2 cents at least. Just like Sony and Nintendo they don't want anyone to believe that their system/service is hackable

Bullseye4761d ago

As far as security is concerned i would be very surprised if people's credit card details have been hacked FROM Microsoft. Not gonna go in to details, but it is possible for this info to be gained ,but unlikely from Microsoft which is the most secure part of the process.More likely, if some users have had problems, then could be their own security methods that are weak, not Microsoft's.Of course there is one weakness inherent in all systems and thats crooked people working on the inside!

Foulacy4760d ago

oh cool a PDF, boy that helps. You're right, I don't know how to stop identify theft I should learn about it, and your company wasn't the one who provided the information to the guy who spent $500 on my CC... thank god for that PDF!