Resident Evil Classic listed, dated

A Gamefly listing has the Wii release of the game Resident Evil Classic set for June 25th.

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hatchimatchi3565d ago

I'll buy it if both are packed together. I can't see myself spending 60 dollars on two games i already own, but 2 games for 30 wouldn't be a big deal to me.

addnewman3565d ago

i would love to buy both of these games if they had re4s over the shoulder gameplay which im guessing they havent bothered but i dont get how the aiming up and down will be handled

hatchimatchi3565d ago

no, the games aren't gonna be changed at all from what i've read. the only thing i can see them implementing into the game would be widescreen support.

swiftshot933565d ago

why only wii? this is bullshit capcom.

I'm still getting the game for my wii though <_<

hatchimatchi3565d ago

they were both gamecube exclusives

Godem3565d ago

RE1 remake is imo the best Resident Evil of all, it would probably be the best looking Wii game out there too..

TheROsingleB3565d ago

RE2 Story-wise was great, but RE1 Remake visually looks far better than RE2, since RE2 has never gotten a touch-up to it. Though 2 and 3 should both get updated like RE1 Remake did, but it will probably never happen...

Drano3565d ago

We can only hope it's gonna happen.

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