Games, Not Getting The Respect They Deserve

Talk PlayStation: "There will always be that one game that grabs your attention, a game that revolves around puzzles, shooting and adventure type games. But nowadays some gamers see to it that every game must be judged and must be proven a "Bad Game" or a good game. But do you remember the times when Sonic The Hedchog or Metal Gear Solid 1 was released in to the world. No one ever complained about them because they were the first of their kind. They had their own techniques and styles of gameplay. Now since The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 or even the Wii for that matter has been on the shelves, gamers have just lost respect for games".

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IaMs123567d ago

"They try their hardest to make a video game and then they get it thrown back in their faces"

well thats just it, they dont try their hardest anymore. Not saying Free Radical didnt or anything but most devs just release games now so they can get a profit. It sucks, i miss the old times where almost all games were good. Now a days its all comparison to see which console is better and at times its fun but most the time it ruins it. Now what would be fun that still maintains that PS3 vs 360 brawl would be a cross platform game. where PS3 can vs 360 and vice versa or a big brawl of mix and the options of PS3 and the 360 can co-op together. It would satsify many fanboys to be able to literally fight it out on there favorite games or people whose friends have 1 console. Also more people to play with :)

Devs, i ask take your time on games please its worth it, except Too Human sorry. but Half Life 2 took 6 years, and Alan Wake is looking promising, well the screenies look good haha

table3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

I think the writer article takes opinions and articles on n4g too seriously. Remember that n4g is not a true representation of gamers as a whole... fanboys maybe but not gamers, we will always like games. Its the fanboys who think a good game can only be one if it sells well. Only the fanboy will deal in absolutes...


I disagree. Developers have always worked hard on games and now more than ever do you need to make sure that you don't make a half arsed job of it or unfortuntely there will be more companys going under a la free radical, who i believe they actually did work hard at haze it just didnt work out. Of course there will always be some who just release a game unfinished or a release a rehash of the same game every year, but this has been with us since the early days of gaming since the NES e.g. crappy games based off of movies for a quick buck(ET and Godzilla come to mind) and EA releasing the same old game 12months down the line. This is nothing new.

Maybe your expectations are too high, we are spoilt for choice so games like Turok and Timeshift for example, which are fair games in their own right, get overlooked for games like Halo COD and Killzone. Just because these games are better doesn't mean the developers of the less acclaimed games didn't try. Also, the financial backing a game recieves can play a major part in the overall quality.
Just remember nostalgia is a powerful force, not all games back in the day were as great as we remember.

ChickeyCantor3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

" well thats just it, they dont try their hardest anymore"
C'mon thats not fair at all.
With all these demands each and every damn gamer are making, the " standards " they have to push out. The limited budget, etc etc.

They are trying hard, you can't say they are not. Its because of bigger projects and time and man power that is needed to actually make every detail work and fit in to place. Sometimes publisher breath in these developers necks.

Making games is a risky thing to do, but saying they aren't trying is just idiotic. The whole process of a game, especially games you want, isn't as case of being "simple" at all.

JokesOnYou3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

If you think every game is going to be a blockbuster that pushes either console you're wrong, some devs simply just don't have the budget and resources to do that...the key is you can always tell if the devs themselves actually put alot of effort into it the game because it will usually at least be enjoyable, sure it may not be as polished as some of the big budget titles and lack some obvious features but its not as if those devs are trying to compete with the bigger games sales, their just hoping some gamers will appreciate their work and have some FUN, but YES some dev's just make a cheap ass game looking for a quick buck, the biggest culprits of this are the endless crappy ass movie spin-off games.