Strategy Games Hearts of Iron 3, The Elven Legacy Coming to the Mac

Virtual Programming on Thursday announced that it will bring Paradox Interactive's strategy games Hearts of Iron 3 and Elven Legacy to the Mac in 2009. Shipping dates, system requirements, and prices were not released.

Hearts of Iron 3 is not yet out for Windows: Paradox's web page for the game says that version will ship in the third quarter of this year. The company also said of the World War II strategy game that it will feature a map with over 14,000 land and sea provinces.

Elven Legacy, which was created by developer 1C:Ino-Co, is shipping now in Europe and is available for digital download, according to the Paradox web site. It's priced at US$29.99. The game allows players to assume the roles of elves, humans, dwarves, and sorcerers as they take on a non-linear storyline with multiple endings. More than 100 units are available for them to control, and an in-game editor lets them create their own.

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