Achievement Guides : Boon or Bane

Tamizander from explores the subculture of self-titled 'Achievement Whores' and their impact upon the community. Are Achievement Guides and achievement hunters leading to the downfall of gaming? Take a look.

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GWAVE4178d ago

I enjoy Achievements/Trophies, but their emphasis in the gaming world these days is a bit extreme. I'll take extra gameplay -- heck, even one extra level or one extra weapon -- instead of all those Achievements/Trophies.

People don't argue as much about Achievements as they used to now that PSN has Trophies. Woooo, I remember back when people claimed that Achievements alone made the 360 worth buying. Now it's not so big of an issue since both consoles have them.

Heldrasil4178d ago

Achievements/Trophies are an EXCELLENT idea to give games extra replay extra "level" or "weapon" does NOT give the amount of "replay" value that trying to reach certain achievements/trophies does.

ape0074178d ago

metel gear solid 4:guns of the patriot trophy pack update

idiealot4178d ago

i love achievements/trophies. so much fun getting a platinum.