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There's pricing and then there's egregious pricing. It's plainly obvious to anyone who's ever used a computer that the Xbox 360 120GB Hard Drive upgrade kit could stand to have a better price point. Even the Xbox 360 60GB drive and the 512MB Memory Unit need price makeovers. Other blogs visited the topic almost a year ago, and since then prices have dropped -- just not nearly enough. A quick wander over to Best Buy shows the 120GB kit sitting pretty at $150, the 60GB drive lingers around $100, and the 512MB Memory Unit sits at $50.

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Leio3534d ago

The price is just ridiculous

GWAVE3534d ago

Yup. That's why Microsoft focuses so much on their Arcade unit. "$200 for a 360! $200 for a 360!" Yet everyone with a brain knows that it'll be at least $100 more to get the basic 360 experience (XBox Live and saving your games). It's smart marketing, but it's a big middle finger to the gamers out there.

Rockstar3534d ago

60 gig MS branded hard drive - 109 bucks

320 Gig Western Digital 2.5" SATA hard drive - 107 bucks.

TheAntiFanboy3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Uh, this is ridonkulously old news. Everyone knows the HD prices are through the roof, it's been compared more times than the number of wars waged in the name of Christianity.


60GB for $90 <-- Xbox HD
500GB for $80. <-- WD Essentials HD

There's your comparison. QQ.

crck3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

To be fair MS added 256 mb memory cards to their arcade units last holiday season. I believe they have 256mb of built in memory on the arcade units these days. So when you buy an arcade 360 you can at least save your games.

But back on topic the hard drive prices are truly ridiculous. Its funny how MS keeps pushing digital distribution but throws up a road block with these amazing inflated prices. I got my 120 gb 360 drive used off ebay for $75 and I still felt ripped off.

RKRigney3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

er... this article was NOT written by Gamespot. This is a user blog. The article summary is misleading.


No wait... it might be a Gamespot hired blogger. I can't really tell. Anybody know if this SarjuS chick is just some random person or an actual employee?

fishd3534d ago

"A quick wander over to Best Buy shows the 120GB kit sitting pretty at $150, the 60GB drive lingers around $100, and the 512MB Memory Unit sits at $50."

WHAT?You gotta be fukcing kidding me!$50 for a 512MB Memory Unit! highway robbery as it's finest!

rambi803534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Recently amazon sold a 1TB SATA for $80 :)

These HDD prices for the 360 confuse me considering the whole digital distribution mantra of MS.


LOL, NOT ONLY are 360 users stuck in the mud with overpriced hdds...

but they also cannot use a ssd drive like ps3 users can.

who designed the 360? blind monkeys?

Blaze9293534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

this is nothing new. its been MS's practice with over priced peripherals since the 360 launched. Hasn't changed since, wont change now. get over it.

$100 wireless adapter...really Microsoft? But theres no way around it so buy it or dont. Same goes for HDDs and whatever else.

Like charging $10 for each Halo/Gears map pack. Overprices but it still sells like crazy so they do it. People still buy the adapters, HDDs, etc so they still do it. It's obviously not a problem with 360 owners. but its obvious why these articles keep popping back up even after 2+ years

callahan093534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

"512MB Memory Unit sits at $50"

Wow. You can get a 512MB flash drive for 2 dollars on Amazon.

TheIneffableBob3534d ago

@1.5 (RKRigney)

SarjuS is a dude and is a GameSpot employee. Click on his name in the article.

Doppy3534d ago

I know it sucks, but the best place to get a 360 HDD is gamestop used, because they have a 20% off coupon, and I believe you can use your EDGE card to get an extra 10% off, but even then the 120GB is $70 which is still too much.

soxfan20053534d ago

How about $50 for 8MB? That's what Sony charged when the PS2 first came out. It's now all the way down to $25. Xbox had internal memory for no extra cost. Yet, 140 million people had no problem paying Sony for the privelege of saving games.

heroicjanitor3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

The ps2 had similar pricing to it's competition. It's obvious to anyone but a blind fanboy that microsoft is overcharging. Ps2 was out 9 years ago so don't bring it's prices into the discussion ever again please, unless they were much higher than the competition at that time.

It's like complaining that 8 years ago intel pentium 3 processors cost loads, yet today you can get a core 2 duo for half what the pentium cost back then

soxfan20053534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

So, Sony gets a free pass on overcharging because it's "in the past"? Only a blind fanboy would defend that. It's not the issue of 2001 pricing compared to today's pricing anyway. Sony charged for what the competition offered for free, yet Microsoft is villified for doing the same.

@below - where do you see me defending MS's hard drive prices? I'll be the first to admit they are overpriced. I'm just pointing out the hypocricy.

iHEARTboobs3534d ago

"Only a blind fanboy would defend that."

Yeah, just like you're defending MS. Anyhow, the prices of their drives are a joke. I only download what I can't download to my PS3 drive onto my 360.

Nikuma3534d ago

What are you talking about? The PS2 had no competition. :P

cryymoar3534d ago

lol even the DSi has 256mb of internal memory.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

those of you that did not understand, regarding 1.8:

As solid state drives become more efficient and affordable, ps3 will see a load/save performance increase with this upgrade.

@ 1.10
yeah.., bout that. so cant you just get a usb adapter and save files to there?or does the nxe not aloow you that simple option? ever since ddr3 came out, mem prices have dropped dramatically...

@ 1.13:
*FAC3PALM* sigh*!!1

@ 1.14:
lol thats right, the n64 and the dreamcasts vmu if i remember correctly were all within that price. the other systems... well who cares.

@ 1.18:
thats why i hope sony makes 2 psp2 skus, a 32gig internal flash and a 64gig.

crck3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )


Man some of you people need to chill the f%&^ out. I'm just saying you can save games on the 360 out of the damn box. I was responding to GWAVE's comment about not being able to. But I guess facts count for nothing here. BTW who gives a f*&^ if the DSi has 256 mb. Its only $30 less then an 360 Arcade doofus.

callahan093534d ago

I hate it when people disagree with a statement that contains nothing but facts. I simply mentioned that you can get a 512MB flash drive from Amazon for 2 dollars, and I get a disagree and no agrees? Come on!

Here's the proof, if that's what the issue was:

cryymoar3534d ago

same here. crck got butt hurt because i said the DSi has just as much storage as the xb360 arcade. The point is, even a handheld has as much space as this "next generation console." Just goes to show how Microsoft advertises last generation tech as next generation solutions.

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Chuk_Chuk3534d ago

Even though its so expensive people still buy it and MS won't change till consumers say, NO!

Kain813534d ago

Kudos to them really--

Kal11383534d ago

We've all known the 360 HDDs are expensive.

Bnet3433534d ago

lol Kain81 that was hilarious. I agree, it took them this long to find out. We all know this.

heroicjanitor3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

I'd have loved to have been there when the penny dropped. "Heeey, wait a minute..."

Bill Gates3534d ago


xbollox3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

some love screwing
others love getting screwed

who are we to judge?

here's a bubble bro

KionicWarlord2223534d ago

yeah price is pretty way high. i should write this as a question to ms...ill start with there forums :)

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