Gears of War, Microsoft's Spectacular IP

Badassgamer writes "Seriously, in all of this current console generation, never has a brand new IP caused such a stir, never has a brand new IP been so sought after, it's a very rare thing for a new game to burst into the scene and make such waves across the world of gaming, of course I'm talking about the 'Gears of War' series."

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KionicWarlord2224392d ago

i agree gears had big impact. I was blown away at the first one ...thank you epic.

GWAVE4392d ago

Gears of War belongs to Microsoft? Hmmmm, what was EPIC's involvement then?

ShabzS4392d ago

it was a blast to play the game thanks to epic and ms to bring it to 360

JokesOnYou4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

This blog has been doing nothing but pro ps3/anti-360 news for over a year looking at the content and past headlines. Now suddenly "Brad" for the first time after it was evident the site is biased actually now has 1 postive 360 game news story on his blog, and its a short piece about Gears being a great new IP, yeah and in other news water is wet, just seems like a poor attempt at deflection to cover up his extreme one sided nature:

"Faulty Tech...Now Acceptable?"
"Killzone 2 is the New Game to Beat"
"So who really has sold more consoles? Microsoft or Sony?"
"Crysis Knocked Out by Fight Night Round 4"
"Microsoft Need to Make a Splash at E3 2009"
"What Sony has and Microsoft doesn't..."
"Gaming Journalism...biased joke?"
"Killzone 2:Guerrilla Games Overcame the Odds"
"Less 'Unreal Engine 3', More custom engines..."
"Xbox 360 reached it's technical limit?"
"Why does Killzone 2 have to defeat Halo 3 again?"
"Is Microsoft Giving up on Console Visual Superiority?"
"Killzone 2 is still the best looking PS3 game."
"God Of War 3, To set the New Visual Benchmark?"
"Resident Evil 5 - Where's the Fun?"
"Killzone 2 Demo Impressions"
"Killzone 2 Review Bias?"
"Killzone 2 lives up to the Hype."

SDF=Confirmed, lmfao


Mindboggle4392d ago

Fail...Gears of War is third party...Its not owned by microsoft in any way, the IP is Epics. Microsoft only publish it.

kewlkat0074392d ago

talk about exposing...

At least 1 positive article is better than none..

ShabzS4392d ago

you sony fanboys are ridiculous... seriously

TheAntiFanboy4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

A great game is a great game. If it were a PS3 exclusive I bet none of you lurkers would be disagreeing with the above.

Get off your ignorant high chairs and just accept a great game as is. Everyone's been doing it with your console for Killzone 2 and all of your other great exclusives. So quit being selfish, be grateful that there are developers out there still dedicated to the art of creating great games, and praise the ones that deserve it, even if they may be for a console you don't own.

I own both Killzone and Gears of War 2. They sit next to each other on my shelf. THEY CAN COEXIST.

Bnet3434392d ago

Gears 1 and 2 are nice games, but online multiplayer excluding Horde in Gears 2 is awful.

JokesOnYou4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

and I got alot of hate on the other thread for just giving the facts, some act like its might fault for noticing that there wasn't 1 positive 360 related news story on this blog until just NOW, weird huh?


Blaze9294391d ago

You hit the nail on the head.


when was the last time you played Gears 2 online? Its fixed....

Bnet3434391d ago

After TU3. It's not fixed. I still die from a mile away from shotgun, etc. Host wins everytime, etc. Awful game when it comes to competitive multiplayer.

Blaze9294391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I dunno, either your connection sucks or we aren't playing the same game becuase its fine now.

But yeah i dunno, been playing Gears 2 again like crazy ever since TU3 and it's been fine for me. Browse forums and no one is complaining about the past problems anymore.

ZuperAmazingCooKie4391d ago

The storyline is an uninspired mish-mash between H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine", the movie "Top Gun" and the countless storylines where humanity is cornered against a group of mutants/beasts/aliens. The cover system was NOT invented by Gears of War or Epic or Microsoft so get off your High Horse, fanboys, Killswitch came first. It's not the best either as it has already been refined by other games.

The graphics are not the best of this gen and they've been beaten several times since 2007, even Gears 2 looks almost the same as the first one. They're not the best the 360 can do either, the Unreal Engine is a jack of all trades and master of none. There are games with better animation, color, lighting, character models, scenarios, more polygons on screen, all at the same time.


Last but not least, Microsoft doesn't own this and the reason for that is that it was either too expensive for them to own, or it was never gonna be owned. It is owned by Epic and by the looks of it it will probably always will. You know what that means...

The Dude4391d ago


The multiplayer plays great dont blame your lack of skill on the game, it is noobs like you who roll right into my shoot gun or run at me with your lancer.

evrfighter4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

I'm impressed JOY. Well done.

@ cookie

From what I remember the cover system goes far beyond killswitch with Winback for the 64. There might have even been a game or two before that.

I think even "General Chaos" for the genesis had a cover system.

phosphor1124391d ago

Winback did have a cover system, but Kill.switch has the exact same cover system Gears does. Including blind fire and all that.

evrfighter4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

"The cover system was NOT invented by Gears of War or Epic or Microsoft so get off your High Horse, fanboys, Killswitch came first"

If im not mistaken he's saying killswitch invented the cover system. I wasn't telling him which one is like so and so's. All I'm saying is the cover system came before Killswitch.

4Sh0w4391d ago

lol, thats some pretty good sfuff, its a shame that blogs like that gets posted here

Tr10wn4391d ago

wow seriously i been on n4g for 2 days now and wow this is like heaven for PS3 fanboys

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Cajun Chicken4392d ago

"Who would have though a well built battle-hardened guy with a chainsaw connected to an Assault rifle would be such a great idea?"

Certainly not me and still not me.

HeavyInfamous4392d ago

I didn't think so either, but it clearly was...

KionicWarlord2224392d ago

who doesnt enjoy chainsawing people in half?

Sonyfanclubpresident4392d ago

just the fact that a jack @ss like Cajun Chicken#1 has that many bubbles,
while making a statement like that,shows how flawed this site really is with it's bubble/multi account system.

Fact of the matter is,nothing will come close to the Gears series this gen.
Sorry.......but no......LOL not even Kilzone 2.

Sales and ongoing live community activity give testimony to this.

poor gaystation droids........poor boys.

NegativeCreep4274392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

"poor gaystation droids........poor boys."

Oh and just what the hell are you supposed to be? A Man?

LOL! Really? You think you have some kind of machismo to consider yourself above any of the younger, minor-aged fanboys here on N4G? Well dammit, if you are a man I seriously hope you find the time to wake up, drop your balls, and move onto something a real man would do, like not coming onto the F'n internet and talking like some extremist fanboy who would prefer GoW over T & A.

Montreafart4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Here is a reality check, stupid xbot!

IP stands for "intellectual property". To own IP, it must belong to you. Well guess what, Gears of wars does NOT belong to Microsoft. IT BELONGS TO EPIC GAMES. Hence, calling Gears of wars, Microsofts "spectacular" IP, makes you look like a frikkin MORON and I bet the folks at EPIC games ARE NOT AMUSED at all.

This alone makes this blog another ridiculous and worthless piece of xbot rant. But do carry on. Never has a game "has so much of an impact?"

Ahahahaha TOP GeOW1 sales ~ 5 million

Lets check some history, shall we?
FF7 ~ 10 million
Tekken 3 ~ 9 million
Gran Turismo 3 ~ 10 million
Metal gear solid 2 ~ 7 million
Grand theft auto 4 ~ 11 million

JUST TO NAME A FEW. Botassgamer, I think I speak for the vast majority of REAL GAMERS when I say: "SHUT THE FK UP, XBOT"

Deadman644391d ago

Hmmm are sony fangirls getting angry because resistance failed in comparison to gears of war? or is it that killzone also failed in comparison.......

Eiffel4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Those are sales from years ago. Gears of War is at 5 million and is active on a current gen system.

What are you smoking?

Tr10wn4391d ago

GTA4 11m hahahaha you ask your mom right? (Mom how many copies of GTA4 have been sold? i think is like 11m bob) hahaha search some info noob

GTA4 PS3 = 5.55
GTA4 360 = 6.97m

N4G is full of incompetents ps3 fanboys which compare 13 years old games with games like GoW 2 which is a 6 mounth old game and then defend a console that have sold 9m of console less than the 360 but even when the 360 sold more multiplat games N4G fanboys said NOOOO PS3 is the bomb and we sold 11m copies of GTA4. Now find a PS3 exclusive and compare sales with a 360 exclusive good luck trying to find one.

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OperationFlashpoint24392d ago

I feel that Gears is a great series, although not sure about his statement about Uncharted not looking better, but that's his opinion I guess..

Unicron4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

Each title has its pros and cons visually. Those comparison shots really show how Uncharted dominates in the lighting, fx, and character modeling. But Uncharted also suffers from screen tearing and some framerate hiccups. Gears as a whole really feels cohesive with some spiffy postprocessing, I just wish the bullshots weren't so doctored up. In the end however, both games are amazing, so we gamers should feel lucky to be able to enjoy both, no?

Aw, baby phantom disagrees. Man up and start a discussion, stop being pvssies.