Over A Barrel (Part 3)

The story so far: Steve Wiebe, a high school science teacher from Washington, challenged Billy Mitchell to the Donkey Kong world record. After trouncing Billy's score, Steve is mortified when a mysterious videotape shows up moments later with an even higher score by Billy Mitchell that puts him back at number one. Conspiracy theories fill the forums - did Billy cheat and fix the tape? If he's so good, why doesn't he play Steve Wiebe in person? Why won't he meet Steve during the current Donkey Kong tournament?

After a no-show at the restaurant, that evening Billy shows up at the arcade and hovers nonchalantly at the entrance with his wife. Steve Wiebe sees him and says hello but Billy seems to be psyching Wiebe out and merely mumbles something to his wife about not wanting to spend too much time around 'certain people'. (People have pointed out that Mitchell isn't the villain the King of Kong film perhaps makes him out to be - he never insults anyone, he merely presents himself as a supremely confident person - but it's hard to deny that he looks threatened by Steve Wiebe and is afraid to play him at Donkey Kong).

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