Top Five Games So Far in 2009

The first-quarter of the year used to be a slow period for big blockbuster releases. This year is the exception. Here are the top five video games released in 2009 so far.

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ParanoidMonkey3474d ago

and I noticed it said SF CONSOLE Examiner... Hm. Still, Empire is AWESOME. Good list though, I agree with these rankings 100%.

I_am_rushin3474d ago

What is sad is that all those games are either sequel or spin offs.

Lifendz3473d ago

Nothing else comes far.

By years end it'll be InFamous, GT5, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, and COD Modern Warfare 2.

phosphor1123474d ago

It was a good game and all, but very easy, very short. I guess they did well for their hardware and such.

Firstkn1ghT3474d ago

After seeing the pic of the geek that wrote this I'm never going to this site again.

MGOelite3474d ago

yup same here, btw how can anyone say a crap ds game is better than killzone 2? fair enough SF4 and KZ2 are equal on epicness but really a crap spinoff gta?

Calvin_ISA3474d ago

LOL. He looks like one of the goofy-a$$ characters I made in Oblivion.
+bubbles to Firstkn1ghT (whoulda thought?) for making me actually click the link (I don't want to contribute hits to crappy sites, unless necessary). :P

PS360PCROCKS3474d ago

Had to go back to look, lmao

CaseyRyback_CPO3473d ago

lol.. i had to check too.. that guy is a goober.

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ParanoidMonkey3474d ago

Well according to gamerankings/Meta a lot of people can say GTA: Chinatown Wars is better than Killzone 2...



So yeah, there you have it.

KruLLit3474d ago

haha handheld GTA spinoff > Killzone 2, that made my day.

I agree that Street Fighter 4 should be in the first place.

table3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

thats not quite how the ratings work. handheld games are not graded on the same level as the console games, it wouldn't be fair if they were.

@4.1 unless i missed any sarcasm...
It made your day that some guy enjoyed SF4 more than Killzone2? Whatever helps you sleep at night...

TwistedMetal3474d ago

also didnt both those games sf4 and re5 sell more on the ps3 worldwide? ouch looks like M$ needs to get some games.

also games score and rateing are different for handhelds compared to consoles guys. my grandma even knows that. handheld vs handheld and console vs console is how its always been. also console games are just superior in the first place thats why only console games can get goty.

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The story is too old to be commented.