Final Fantasy XIII - New Summon Beast Revealed

The-MagicBox: "Here are some new screens of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and Xbox 360. From the images you can find an all new summon beast with heavy armor, which was summoned by the enemies from the Holy Government of Cocoon..."

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MisterNiwa3475d ago

Next week ill get my FF13 Demo!

lordgodalming3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

I decided not to spend the $70 to import--no English subs in FFVII:ACC played a role in that--but I am definitely importing the full game. Cost be damned! I know a little Japanese, and what I don't know I will make up with my imagination. Games haven't totally destroyed that, you know. :P

@ above: Have fun with your demo. I've still got a few months to wait.

lordgodalming3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Apparently Mister Niwa ISN'T getting the FFXIII demo next week, and I WON'T be importing the full game. Thanks for showing us how wrong we were, random-disagree person.


kewlkat0073475d ago

.....Can't wait for this game

MisterNiwa3475d ago

Damn, i guess i need to decline my preorder for the game... since im not getting it!

You made me really laugh here, Lordgodalming! xD

@How i get it:
I got a Japanese Friend who is buying it for me, and i wont have a problem with the Tax because its pretty easy.
He opens the blu ray before delivering it to me. So its used, and not new. :D

Venomish3475d ago

I'm getting it from play-asia
it will ship next thursday

ThanatosDMC3475d ago

Once the game is released for the 360, there will be non-stop video comparison of PS3 vs 360... probably lensoftruth and from gametrailers. I can't wait to see N4G ravaged by those vids!

slayorofgods3475d ago

The game appears to have a sort of the classic battle system and the summon system will also help keep the good ol FF feel to the game. I'd hate to find out that they instead use an western rpg based action feel to the battle system, that would ruin the game for me. But so far the game looks like a true FF rpg, which is desperately needed. Let the rest of us know if this is the case next week when you get the demo!

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Chris3993475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Not a beast or living/ mythic entity.

They really need to figure out their design and concept issues. They've gone way to Sci-fi with the series over the last few iterations for it to have any appeal for me.

Where's the freaking FANTASY???

I'll probably still buy the game anyhow. Man, I hate this gen :)

Edit: I see where you're coming from, but I still don't think that the series has much of an identity or soul. It's getting more and more all over the place. Bazookas, hovercrafts, robots, laser guns. Evil Empires. What next, the Force? Wait they call it something else in this (and I'm not kidding, there is a "mysterious power" mentioned in the trailer). And have you seen the Empire soldiers? They are STORMTROOPERS. I don't even follow Star Wars beyond the first three movies and the similarities are glaring.

I'd just like something fresh yet within the genre (fantasy RPG) that I enjoy. If I can't get that from Final "Fantasy" - the people who put the genre on the map - what gives? Trying to please every audience is a recipe for a mess and a lot of disappointment.

lordgodalming3475d ago

I think the Fantasy is in White Knight Chronicles and Demon's Souls. A little variety never hurt, right?

gaffyh3475d ago

it's like Iron Man meets Bahamut

KKanjiAnkh3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Man calm down, maybe when the game gets closer to release, you'll respect their creative choice. FF games evolve, to what fits the next world they create, & there are two worlds so far you will be involved in. At least this isn't some B.S, where, you fight the Toxic Avenger Cult, w/ a planet that just so happens to look like Earth, and dialogue, as bad as a made for HBO film, starring, Jeff Fahey.

SupaPlaya3475d ago

Final Fantasy XIV - Force Unleashed!

shawnsl653474d ago

i see something that looks similar to Ruby, Emerald, and Ultima Weapon in FFVII.. what is this robot talk about?

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shawrob273475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

i own every final fantasy game out there.(6 is the best then 4 then 12 to me) But i have to be honest. I am not excited about this one. It might be great and of course i will purchase it on the first day but something about this one is turning me off a little.

DevilsJoker3475d ago

i agree. Final Fantasty is one of the big franchises i stick with, including MGS, Resident evil and GTA. But this one doesnt have my hype going. It doesnt feel like its going to be a bad game, but theres just no excitement. Like you i cant put my finger on it.

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