Remembering Classics - Garou: Mark of the Wolves "You look at some old games and it becomes easy to quantify their merits. Leaning back on stats, fighting rosters, millions of polygons per second and play-balancing helps us identify the core game engine. Tack on a few personal experiences and you essentially have a game journalist's recognitions of a classic. Some titles grant an equal recognition to the gamer - "old-school", "hardcore", "gamer geek" - for their perseverance in not only completing a game but picking it up to begin with, most times for it's off-beat nature. Talking about the merits of a title in relation to one's personal experiences is highly subjective but a great way to describe exactly why the game captured the sense of nostalgia that it did.

"Which brings me to an impasse on how to quite describe what has been, is, and will definitely remain my utmost devotion to SNK's Garou: Mark of the Wolves."

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