Tekken 6 - Ganryu vs Jack-S Gameplay video

A new gameplay video from Tekken 6 featuring the fight between Ganryu and Jack-S. Enjoy.

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diefor3480d ago

Really. I hope Tekken backs to the good old times.

Labwarriorbot3479d ago

Hi def graphics: check
Biggest character roster, 42 characters: check
42 hi def movies prologue and epilogue: check
Renewed animations and juggles: check
New killer moves: check
New costumes and gadgets to buy: check
Infinite replay factor, secrets and tons of unlockables: check

Best fighter to date and most fun to play? CHECK

It remains to be seen how well the 360 can run Tekken because Tekken baby...basically runs on a PS3.

UltraNova3479d ago

Focusing my question to you on this particular video..Did you actually liked it? Seriously?

Both fighters were stiff as hell. I've bee a fan of the Tekken series since the early days of PS1 but seriously the only thing that attracts me to this game is definitely not its slow-heavy moving fighters nor its mediocre visuals and not the same old same old hit special effects but its music!

I will agree to the reliability factor its a fighting game after all but the best fighter? SF4 is the game to beat no doubt and from what I've seen so far Tekken 6 wont be the game that will beat it..

We just have to wait to play it first and then draw conclusions...

Labwarriorbot3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Every character has a different way of playing and some characters have more than 1 way of playing and multiple styles. Im not talking about Lei's kung fu stances here either.

Thats why everyone plays different.

Unlike SF4 where its pretty much given how you play. The way you play is determined pre hand by the special moves of the characters. Thats called old gen.

Im a hardcore fighting fan and have been playing fighting games since the days of the arcades. SF4 is by far not the best fighter out there currently. Not in a million lightyears, kid.

Also the purpose of this vid was to show off the different costumes and gadgets to upgrade your character with. Neither Ganryu nor Jack 6 looks like that in standard outfits.

The players werent stiff but careful. They were jabbing and testing out eachother. Tekken plays like chess. You set them up and you knock them down. If you go head in guns blazing with no strat, youre going to get juggled.

Notice how Ganryu stops the Jack player when he gets up with a simple kick. To you its just throwing a kick. But in reality, the kick served as stopping Jack 6 from his juggles and momemtum.

Notice how both players were sidestepping and ducking all the time. Nerves of steel, boy. Thats what it takes. Notice how fast the gameplay mechanics are compared to last gen SF4.

Notice how the Ganryu player waste no time with setting Jack up. When Jack flies, he is going to get hurt. The ganryu player knows exactly what he is doing and apart from occasion where he missed his juggle, he did well.

When I say Tekken has the best fighting gameplay mechanics, I mean it. SF4 doesnt even come close.

Check this out

Several things you need to be aware of.
Notice how the Law player is an aggressive bulldog yet knows exactly what he is doing.

Notice in round 3 the change in style by the law player doing flips trying to confuse his opponent. I said it before, Tekken is chess.

Notice how the Feng player switches stances during the fight and turns his back on his opponent regularly. While Feng can turn back in Tekken 5, this is entirely new and is performed to confuse opponent as Feng has different moves to take it from there.

Notice how the despite all that, the Law player still manages to parry several low attacks. Once parried, the Law player punished with high damage juggles. Had he not seen the low attacks, he would have suffered massive damage instead as he would have been at the mercy of the Feng player.

Notice how the Law player chains up different moves and linked them together to form his own style. Many of the moves you see, are not the standard moves you see in the moves list. He breaks the moves apart and links them together to confuse the Feng player.

And notice how the Feng player after the first few seconds got intimidated by the Law player. Because generally speaking Feng has the upper hand over Law in battle. But the Law player was of a higher caliber and confused the Feng player and as a result the Feng player did not know how to react in certain instances. This is apparent because the Feng player at one point was merely walking back and blocking. Clearly he was awed and didnt know what to do or how to respond.

All in all, no fighting game can ever match that level of sophistication that Tekken just demonstrated.

And oh yea, the way those guys fought? IMPOSSIBLE to replicate with the 360 controller. That level of accuracy and swiftness, cant be done on the 360.

Have fun performing hakodens in SF4, the fighting game for grandmas.
I mean there is no comparison. Here, check this out.

Notice the same old style used. You know what, I was playing the same way 15 years ago on SF TWO! Hahaha, some things never change. Its the same old, jump kick, jab, low kick and then either hadoken or shoryuken. The computer is stupid enough to fall for that trick EVERYTIME.

Its like Mortal Kombat. Jump kick, spear (come here), uppercut. Repeat 3 more time and then perform fatality. Hahaha so old gen dude. So old gen.

SF and mortal kombat are old shiat. The online dont work. The characters are not balanced. Everyone plays Ryu, Ken or Sagat. Not just because they are the most popular but also because they are the strongest and cheapest. Its real easy to perform the same old trick. It gets old. Old gen mechanics and old gen fighting = no thanks.

Ill pass. Look at the difference in level and sophistication. Tekken is on a whole different level of here and has SF4 outclassed. Notice the amount of responses in both vids. People posting in the SF4 tube are LAUGHING at the guy because it takes no skill whatsoever to do what he did. People are in AWED in the Tekken vid because they know. They know.

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spunnups3480d ago

That fight looked below average in terms of a next gen fighting game.

Mandaspt3480d ago

Totally agree with you. I think this game are more of the same. Nothing new here.

MK_Red3480d ago

Not even trying. After Street Fighter 4 it looks like a joke. Heck, even compared to Soul Calibur 4 it looks bad.

diefor3480d ago

Yes, i have the same feeling to.

RememberThe3573480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

And Soul Calibur looks better then Tekken 6? Get your eyes checked homie.

ShabzS3480d ago

compared to street fighter distinct visuals this looks pretty mediocre... hope eddie is there to save it

Silly gameAr3480d ago

That looks like the Tekken I know and love.

Silly gameAr3480d ago

E: So you guys know what I like more than I do huh?

ChampIDC3480d ago

That's the Internet for you =)

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