Japan's next-gen of erotic gaming is surprisingly ambitious

Japanese H-game developer Teatime's latest game, "Tech 48", will feature face recognition and head-tracking technology. Hand of Win takes a quick look at the game's technical aspect and its premise. HoW writes: "When it comes to adult games (or really just any form of sexual content), Japan does it like no other..."

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Timesplitter143477d ago

Can't see the full article on their site.

MisterNiwa3477d ago

Awesome, i love it when our Articles get aproved in N4G!

Giant Zoo is made of win.

Tito Jackson3476d ago

also poop on each other, after sex, as a compliment. I prefer my woman make me sandwhich, call me crazy. lol.

Giriath3476d ago

The yanks beat their women for sadistic pleasure.

See what I did there? I did a generalization. Oh and BTW, people in your country (whatever country it may be) most likely also have scat, wet, S&M and all kinds of sexual activities.

Tito Jackson3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

I'm in the US. And its true. A lot of guys do beat their women. But thats in every country(mexico especially). I hate to say it, but pooping on someone after sex isnt a very common practice here. And you can make as many generalizations as you like, most of them would be true about the US. And you know what else is true? This country rocks.

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phosphor1123477d ago

made me want to shove knives into my ears...

PLAYWATCH3477d ago

What an annoying voice she has.. Man, I'm almost upset from her voice.

phosphor1123477d ago

fap to anime porn religiously.

I watch anime (Japanese dub with English subs) and none of the characters have voices like that..they sound a lot more serious..but when you get some hentai like they TRY to make um sound like their 5.

fezthabest3476d ago

OMG her voice is fkin too squeeky. I felt like i was in a torture session with a 5 year old girl. I felt like punching in her face.

Reibooi3477d ago

The tech is actually quite cool but i highly doubt we will see it used widely anytime soon and even if it does take off I doubt it will happen much in the US for any game.

Godmars2903477d ago

The odd thing is you'll see innovations like this in adult JP gaming before you see it anywhere else in video games.

The use of Flash animation for characters is another example which would be great for the ton of SRPGs and regular JRPG, but have yet to be used.

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The story is too old to be commented.