BritishGaming Review: Broken Sword: Shadow of The Templars

BritishGaming writes:

"Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars is my favourite game of all time. A classic point and click adventure, Revolution combined a fascination of adventure and twisting storylines with intriguing puzzles, all in a beautifully illustrated game. For George Stobbart, a Californian tourist stopping for a cappuccino outside an unassuming café in Paris, little does he know that his life is about to change forever. A gigantic fiery blast, a plume of smoke and a scarpering clown. Naturally inquisitive and seeking justice, George picks up the trail.

Originally released in 1996, Ubisoft recently took it upon themselves to reforge the Broken Sword, recreating it in the form of a "Director's Cut" thirteen years later. Despite having the original designer, Charles Cecil, on board and at the forefront of the game's revival, this vile bastardisation fails to capture the original game's faultless pace, abundance of subtleties and mesmerising charm."

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