From Cuddly To Crazy: The History of The Videogame Bunny

Destructoid writes:

"Hey, bunnies of the world. Today is Easter, your special day. Forget about Peeps, coloring eggs, and celebrating the resurrection of that bearded fellow. Today is all about you. Without you, who would deliver the basket full of green novelty grass-covered chocolate that children everywhere are most likely getting sick off of right now?

I bet you didn't even know that you, my puffy-tailed friends, have even made quite the impression in videogames over the years. Yeah, that's right: videogames -- the things you can't play because of your giant paws. Hey, don't get mad at me! Get mad at the bearded guy I mentioned earlier. His dad is the one who gave me opposable thumbs!

Anyway … back to you. You know we all think you are cute, but videogames have not been helping. At the beginning, things were going great, but over the years your cute and cuddly image has tarnished a little.

But I am getting a little ahead of myself. Dust off that "World's Best Quadruped" coffee mug that one of your 284 children got you last year, sit back, relax, and hit the jump for a list of your most memorable videogame roles over the years."

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