Microsoft Job Listing Hints At Mobile Halo Project

Joystiq writes:

"When we're not too busy trouncing Halo 3-developer Bungie in "humpday challenges," we fancy ourselves quite the career builders. And so it was with shock that we found ourselves colliding directly with the enormously popular franchise on, albeit under the auspices of Halo license-owner Microsoft. Apparently the company is seeking folks who not only love Halo but also love "building scalable online infrastructure and websites for large and passionate audiences."

What does that mean, exactly? The listing doesn't go into as much details as we'd like, but it does say the job will blend, "console, web, and mobile to create an immersive Halo world that follows the dedicated Halo fan wherever they go." Our thoughts first went to iPhone integration of and future Halo community endeavors but then we realized that Microsoft may want to keep whatever mobile application it may be creating on Windows Mobile-based phones. We're hoping for our future-phone having selves that this isn't the case."

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irish-leprecaun3479d ago

for the zune?? wudnt surprise me!!

irish-leprecaun3479d ago

it was jst plain stupid. my bad.

Timesplitter143479d ago

no, the people who disagreed are the ones being stupid. They can't take a joke.

xbollox3479d ago

the new adventures of MasterSH!T on the other iPOD

BLaZiN PRopHeT3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Xbox Handheld on the way?

Edit: The Console market was Dominated by sony and Nintendo. Yet MS is doing just fine.

An Xbox Handheld that plays XBLA games and retail games like a handheld Halo and/or Gears would sell like crazy.

Spike473479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

the handheld market is completely dominated by Sony and Nintendo.

By that I mean PSP and DS, not mobile phones,zunes, or other lame attempts at handheld gaming.

Elven63479d ago

It could be for Windows Mobile or even Zune.

PirateThom3479d ago

Maybe the new Zune will be more "Game compatible".

gaffyh3479d ago

Yeah I'm guessing it's for Zune HD

Mindboggle3479d ago

Well the only way an xbox handheld would sell is if they stuck masterchief on it and they know that....

ThatCanadianGuy3479d ago

Nintendo & Sony are at each others throats with PSP & DS sales.

Fanboyism aside, i don't think Microsoft could put much of a dent in the handheld market.Maybe north america but thats about it.

Guy1693479d ago

I'd take iPhone over a pos that's PSP anyday.

this is likely for Windows Mobile though.

meepmoopmeep3479d ago

most likely for that new ZunePod Touch they're going to bring out

IrishRepublicanArmy3479d ago

but thats coming from a ps3 fan.

raztad3479d ago


What a moron! The PSP stands for Portable PlayStation you can NOT make a phone call with it :D

Guy1693479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

haha. I knew this. already put me on your ignore list, buddy? don't forget to bubble down my comments!

I 'm not interested in a pocket PS2, I want mobile gaming from my handheld.

gaffyh3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

@Guy169 - So you're more interested in crap gimmicky games, then the best looking Handheld games available?

Oh yeah right that makes perfect sense in the world of a fanboy.

Guy1693479d ago

like I said, when I'm not at home I want to play actual handheld/mobile games, if I would want to spend 30 hours on a PS2 game I 'd do that on my TV at home.

Bnet3433479d ago

PSP and DS aren't at each others throats lol. DS already won a long time ago. Unlike the Wii, they actually have a sh*t ton of games worth playing to back up their sales.

SiLeNt KNighT3479d ago

might as well milk the franchise while you still can. the cows gettin kinda skinny though.

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ActionBastard3479d ago

So the graphics will be the same?

II Necroplasm II3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Probably better than Resistance =)

IrishRepublicanArmy3479d ago

resistance wasnt half bad.
it had quite a big multiplayer section too.

ActionBastard3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Haha. You had to reach for a launch title.

Second one looks better than any MS 1st party game. Enjoy your Pinatas. Poser.

Haha. You called me a nerd, but have a Spawn avatar? Haha. Outselling? You mean in the 100k? Wipe your chin dude.

II Necroplasm II3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Sorry, the second looks just about as worse. sh!t sorry.
sorry troll.

lol poser I bet you watch elpresador videos all day like the nerd you are. "LOOKS BETTER" What about plays better?

Don't get mad cause 360 is out selling your 3rd PlayStation we all know that's why you are here.

heyheyhey3479d ago

yes, Necroplasm

it's "just as worse"... do i recall you calling me an idiot?

II Necroplasm II3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

No i was just messing with ya. No, I just wanted to see how many PS fanboys would even be in this thread.

heyheyhey3479d ago

so horrible writing is your bait to attract PS fanboys?

...or maybe it's a bad excuse, i'l let you decide

and if your calling people out on trolling threads your being hypocritical there

II Necroplasm II3479d ago

you're from the UK ain't you? you sound like it

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I am Legend3479d ago

A handheld with two joysticks and a halo game...hell yeah....I hate the psp having only 1 damn joystick.

Bnet3433479d ago

Yeah. Microsoft should make a handheld with two analog sticks and a Halo launch title. That would be nice. I thin they will wait until this handheld gen passes by. The DS is an unstoppable beast.

Sunny_D3479d ago


Elven63479d ago

Well Xbox Live is set to bring in a billion annually in just a few years, you tell me? The Xbox 360 is also making a profit as well as a majority of Microsoft's other ventures. Sure the Xbox Division isn't turning a profit but they are definitely on the right track to,

Bnet3433479d ago

He he, you know you lost an argument when Elven replies. I'm pretty sure they can afford it, but the RROD fiasco hurt them greatly, they have to recuperate from that.

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