Are Gamers Losing Their Focus?

DarkZero writes:

"With the advent of the latest generation of video game consoles and PCs that are almost infinitely expandable, developers are being pushed to their limit to create the latest and greatest game of all time. There's no doubt that some developers have been delivering: games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4, Killzone 2, etc. With games like these nowadays, it's hard to imagine that there was a time when people were crazy over games like Pong and Pacman.

My worry is that because of such hits, many fun games have been overlooked. Note that I said "fun", not "quality" or "good". Games of such epic proportions in today's world have raised people's expectations of what a game should be like. When a new first person shooter is released, people start comparing it with other games like Killzone 2. When an open world game is released, it's immediately compared to GTA 4.
My worry is that people often forget what games are meant to be in the end: fun for the person who's playing it."

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sinncross3477d ago

Books used to be fun and are not a medium with endless possibility due to the depth that classics hold. The same works for cinema as well.

Yes fun is the most basic factor anyone should expect from anything game they play: enjoyment is key. But I don't want video games to remain some pastime: I want them to tell stories and be able to allows viewers to interact with a medium and with emotions on the same level which novels and films bring.

Otherwise games will just remain a by product of the novel and film worlds: it's the same reason why so many ppl don't classify reading/ films and games in the same category, because the video game industry has not given itself the respect it deserves.

like I said, im all for fun, especially with those awesome downloadable titles available, but I would like well written stories, fleshed out character, etc: these make games more then just games.

poindat3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

If gaming started going the way of Hollywood, I would be scared.

PrimordialSoupBase3477d ago

Hollywood is different from Film. Please don't use the two as synonyms.

Timesplitter143477d ago

Since this gen, it's already going the hollywood way

KKanjiAnkh3477d ago

Are gamers losing their focus, well no, I just think a bunch of idoits who play one game, and talk $h1t On-line, to truly experience gaming as a whole, shouldn't be mentioned in the same class.

DragonWarrior_43477d ago

The only people who have misconceptions about games are people who are just now getting into it. Ive been gaming for a long time, and the thing that Ive realized is that developers are the ones losing touch of what a great game really is. Sure there are tons of good devs like sucker punch, insomniac, naughty dog, guerrilla games, from software, level five, Team Santa Monica, Bungie and Infiity ward. Thing is though that there is too many developers that just love to spill out crap. EA was one of the worst of those devs, until Dead Space, and even then EA was still churning out crap, but at least they are trying. Its just that there are too many people that make games that just dont care anymore. I know someone who works at Treyarch and hes a freakin idiot.

poindat3477d ago

I personally have many 'B' games in my collection. That's mostly due to me being a cheap-ass (I don't buy much games at $60), but a lot of them end up actually being decent little games. Not necessarily memorable, graphically amazing, original, or 'good' in general, but there is fun to be had.

A good example of this is Dark Sector. It's a great game (it looks pretty nice as well), but it didn't do too well with the critics for whatever reason.

Same with Genji, Soldier of Fortune, Lair (its not as bad as it was made out to be), Silent Hill Homecoming, Condemned 2, Juiced 2, The Club, Mercenaries 2, etc. etc. etc.

So yeah, there's plenty of decent, if panned or overlooked stuff out there for the cheapos.

Max Power3477d ago

what? where am i? why am i writing this?

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