Playing in the Sandbox

Gamer Limit writes: "What does a high school bully, Spider-Man, a crime boss, and an immigrant all have in common? Not very much at all. If anything, the only similarity between them is that they all appear in sandbox titles ranging from "okay" to "extremely successful". Bully: Scholarship Edition, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Godfather II, and Grand Theft Auto IV are the top title in their style for the past couple of years, but why only these?"

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chrisjc3566d ago

I love me some sandbox, but make the worlds bigger.

AcesAndEights3566d ago

I almost completely disagree with this.
Making sandboxes bigger leads to one of the problems I had with GTA IV, it was so vast that is was filled with blank buildings that served no purpose except to pad out the world. When you are dying and need to eat food, running past 3 delis, 4 restaraunts and 2 take outs but not being able to stop at any of them because they are not the approved buildings to eat in the world is kinda silly.

Panthers3566d ago

If there is nothing to do, why does it matter if it is there or not. Size doesnt matter. Its what you do with it.

Clance3566d ago

“but why couldn’t we play as the cops trying to take down these crime regimes instead of the bad guys creating them?”

Nice read… great idea, perhaps this would quash some of the anti-games or games are evil debates. Would a game like this “influence” somebody to become a cop?

ChampIDC3566d ago

It also doesn't help that every game you play as a cop involves a cop that walks the line of morality, such as the True Crime games.

I think Police Quest was the only series to make you a normal cop.

farhsa20083566d ago

saints row 2 is the standard now not that POS gta 4.

ape0073566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

let's face it

if you want to creat a huge open world game with production values so high

blu-ray is the answer


gta 4,a huge city full of details everywhere,amazing game,have so little things,activities,no tank no airplane,few side missions, etc...gta 4 is like an amazing empty(activities) open world game,installed it on 360 and it took like 6.7 gb

saints row 2 have average graphics,enviroments doesn't compare to gta 4 when it comes to details,space,density,realism, immersion(hd detailed gfx eats space) but it has so many things to do,lots side missons,crazy sh!t,weapons,base jumping,installed it on 360 and it took like 6.8 gb

now,if you take a game that has the size of san andreas,country side,mountains,beaches and the level of graphical quality and more of gta 4 and more crazzines,things to do and more activites\side missions than saints row 2,HOW MUCH SPACE DOES IT NEED,like 25 to 40 gb or more,blu-ray is the future of open world games

AcesAndEights3566d ago

Using more memory is not the only answer. If you truly believe it is, look at independant games, these are much smaller than conventional games yet the ideas, mechanics and gameplay behind them is so radically innovative.
The idea that "just pile more data on a disc, it makes a better game" is a philosophy that maybe EA find logical, but is so flawed it makes me cry a little.

ape0073566d ago

man,I know innovation is the key

im talking about open world games

you see,infamous look interesting cause it looks to have something special and innovative

but sometimes(especially in open world games),more space is always better and the development team team is mor eimportant than anything else

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