Faulty Tech...Now Acceptable?

Badassgamer writes "Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 back in 2005, it was the only HD console on the market, looked great, played all sorts of media, and was an all round great product, except for one thing, it had such a high failure rate."

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ShabzS4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

''If you went online looking for a suitable TV to buy, and people told you of a particular TV that had a failure rate as high as 33%, would you go out and buy that TV? or if you had already bought this said TV, and it kicks the bucket midway through a movie, would you go back and buy the TV again?I'm guessing you won't, so how come in the case of Microsoft's Xbox 360 people are prepared to shell out cash for what is largely a broken console?''

its coz theres only ONE Microsoft xbox 360 unlike the gazzilion tv's and the reason to go get another is the 2000$ worth of game library u bought...

Hellsvacancy4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

My pot dealers on her 4th 360 and i keep tellin her 2 buy a Ps3 (she can afford it) and she keeps sayin no - and 4 the life of me i dont understand y

I guess its probably summin 2do with that fact that she owns like 50+ Xbox games if she jumps ship 2 the Ps3 she will hav 2 start all over again and face it ive seen 360 games sellin 4 under £5 in sum shops near where i live so y would she want 2

So i guess ive just answered my own question - A bubble 2 me lol

ChampIDC4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I think the reason it's more accepted than it should be is the fact that MS softened the blow by giving the extended warranty. The RROD is still quite inexcusable, but people seem to not care so much when they get free repairs. Surprisingly, I haven't had a RROD myself in the 2 years I've owned a 360. I guess I'm due...

Edit: I don't get why people are disagreeing with me. It's not like I'm defending the RROD. I'm just saying some people probably accept it because of the warranty.

lowcarb4383d ago

Well maybe your pot dealer is like me and doesn't like the games that PS3 has to offer as far as exclusives. Also I love Live and always compare games on my 360 to games on my brothers PS3 and don't like how the PS3 games look. It's just a matter of choice really, (not saying the PS3 is bad) and many of us just like the 360 lineup. The failure issues were ashame, and MS better get it right next gen if they plan to keep customers.

morganfell4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

I like this analogy. Would you buy a ticket on an airline that had a 33% failure rate?

Would you buy a car that had a 33% failure rate if it had various reasons for dying but one most prominent reason in particular caused the engine to lock up. For that reason they car maker offered a 3 year warranty. During the time the car was in for repair you had to pay for your own rental car.

The rest of the issues that caused the car to stop running were a 1 year warranty. And one particular problem with the car - it cuts it's own tires, and such tire cutting is documented is a defect that the car maker pretended did not exist.

If this car manufacturer talked about winning the auto war by being first to market would you blame the rush? And if that same automaker stated they would be first to market on the next generation of autos would you be more hesitant to buy that next time?

Jaces4383d ago

$2000 worth of games to buy....including multiplat, yea. Exclusives that are worth a pretty penny, no. I'm still on the hunt for 7 great exclusives for the 360 before I buy one and I'm still having trouble just finding 4.

Back on topic....this is the main reason I've yet to buy a 360 (aside from the lack of games). I refuse to buy a faulty system.

StayHigh4383d ago

There only one xbox360? Don't you know there a system called the fans think buying cheap stuff is the way of saving money but you end up spending hundredths of dollars on it in the end..

You be amaze how many 360 owners say " if it break on me ill go buy another one" Well i don't is there money ..haha..i will never get an 360 till they fixed their faulty hardware..and its at least 150 dollars..I hate paying for xboxlive and over price accessories..

ShabzS4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

whats does it matter if the current library you own is multiplat or exclusive... point is if ur 360 dies.. those games have gone to a waste unless u buy a new console..

and ur reason to not buy a 360 is ur reason alone dude... coz for me the only reason to buy a ps3 would be metal gear 4.. but 360 was a better choice FOR ME coz of gears and fable

Jaces4383d ago

I get you, but wouldn't someone learn their lesson and buy the reliable system with the same multiplat games and equally awesome exclusives?

Trust me, a $50 more expensive system isn't going to kill you.

Anon19744383d ago

Just look at the 360's sales. The PS3, even with a higher price point has been selling far faster from launch than the 360 ever did and the Wii's been a monster in sales.
Before the price cut 360 sales had shown almost zero growth before the price cut based on the NPD numbers. I think it's safe to say that the the high failure rate isn't acceptable by consumers, otherwise the 360 would be flying off the shelves. Instead the Wii has run away and the PS3 has sold 3 million more consoles worldwide than the 360 had at this point in it's life-cycle despite a high price and faltering economic conditions.

I like the 360, but I have to wonder what the install base would look like right now if the 360 worked like it was supposed to.

Kushan4383d ago

You're all conveniently forgetting that MS gives you a 3 year warranty, so it doesn't actually cost you anything, just time.
Not saying it's acceptable, I'd be pissed if my 360 died all the same, I'm just saying that a lot of your analogies don't add up.

rambi804383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

piracy sells consoles too

A lot of ppl with RROD could not send their hacked consoles back for that reason + had to fix it themselves or replace it.

Hence, even the failure rate of 30% may be low

Jaces4383d ago

Warranties are great but it doesn't make anything better.

It's like buying something at Best Buy and they say were going to give you a 3-year warranty because it will break, it's just a matter of time.

I'd return it in a heartbeat. I'm not one for unreliable equipment, specially if there's nothing on that system that makes it a must buy.

Don't get me wrong but there are some pretty great games I'd love to play but nothing of utmost importance.

That's just me though.

ShabzS4383d ago

if i dont buy a 360 then how else am i going to finish the halo series that i'v been playing for seven years... its not just about exclusives its about finishing what you started 7 8 yrs ago on another console... exactly the reason why i will be buying a ps3 in a month .. i have to finish the metal gears story.. even syphon filer when it comes out

blackpanther254383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Its funny cause my friend just bought another 360 (his old one was hacked and it got RROD) and he wants me to get another one as well. I told him no, because my first one RROD and it had a disk scratching problem. I for one i am not willing to buy another one and then pay for live again just to play one game(Halo 3). I did tell him that if he gets a ps3 I'll buy a 360.

JokesOnYou4383d ago

"Many people choose not to delve deeper into the mysterious 'failure rate' that surrounds the Xbox 360 gaming console, some just accept it and move on, other ignore the problem and act like it doesn't exist. What I find funny is, Microsoft has gotten away with releasing a faulty product."

-OK where do I start, first of all the 360 has recieved massive scrutiny and coverage of the high failure rate, the fact that he says it was as high as 33% tells me his agenda because thats some random guys guess that only the sdf has confirmed. Then who the hell is ignoring, I haven't personally had RROD(own a Premium for 2 yrs, sold it got an Elite) but I know friends who did have problems and they sure as hell didn't ignore it, and just look at the firestorm that went on for about 6 mo to 1 yr after launch on the forums and media blasting microsoft for the failures. Then when he say's micro has gotten away with RROD, I can't help but laugh at his true colors showing, that took a massive financial loss, they made a free 3 yr warranty, and its been a major PR disaster where everybody KNOWS about it, that definitely doesn't amount to getting away with RROD, oh but lets analyze a bit further, he means that the 360 STILL survived RROD and is still very popular among gamers, but why would that bother a normal gamer, IF you only own a ps3 and you love it, whats the problem?= sounds like the words of a jealous sony loyalist who hates the success of the 360. lmfao


4383d ago
JasonXE4383d ago


If i had to pay 160 buxs for repairs no matter how small the failure rate (which has to be higher than 1% by now) then i be pissed. Not like Im not after the dealing with the rrod twice but i didn't pay 160 buxs for it or anything except time.

UltimateIdiot9114383d ago

You forget that there are other problems on the 360 also that the 3 years warranty does not cover. Will you be willing to pay after the 3 years warranty is over and get a RROD because the chances of getting RROD after the 3 years warranty is still higher than the chance of getting a problem on the PS3 within its 3 year.

4Sh0w4383d ago

Granted they are significantly lower than 360 but from my own personal experience 3 of the 7 or 8 friends I know with a ps3 have had problems getting a yellow light and 1 of them console just wouldn't turn on at all. He was pissed about paying for repairs and he says there are a growing amount of people with similiar complaints. I'm just lucky I guess both my consoles are working fine. I do however think its very foolish to imply that Microsoft is getting a break for they failure rate, NO gamers just aren't as critical as N4G hardcore crowd, they lose a bit of gaming time but get it fixed for free, whats ironic is our favorite console ps2 had its fair share of failures too, yet it seems many of you waving the finger as microsoft, paid to repair your ps2 or brought another one.

Judging by this sites mood I think I'm going to lose some bubbles for suggesting rather fair comments.

pain777pas4383d ago

If you use live you may get sucked in because you can chat to people in every game lobby and in game. There is the listen to any music you want in games which is huge and I really like that for Forza and PGR3. I have now moved on to the PS3, I must say that I don't miss Major Nelson or those live features because I prefer the PS3 features over the 360 ones. Wifi, Bluray, browser, and free online. I know there are many more small features like the SD card slots and the like but whatever. I had about 20 games for the 360 and xbox games that you could play like NG Black, Jade Empire, KOTOR, the Halo's Psychonauts and such. I really found that I was often plugging in my PS2 sometimes because everyone gets on the PS3 about not having games and stuff if you got the 360 when I got it you know that the system was struggling with quality releases for a long time. I played Oblivion only on the 360 for a long time. I became a little bit of a fanboy because I did not want to purchase the PS3. Once RROD came like months within a year of buying this thing and all the peripherals and extras that I bought I was angry. I decided that the PS3 was going to come in and I have not regretted the purchase. A few features lost like in game music switching but I did not really notice it that much though I used it quite often. Sony should intergrate Voice chat across every game soon and then they are for me a better system overall without question. Not one scratched disc. No real glaring problems with the system. exclusives are Varied and fun. Yes fun not intense and annoying........ fun. ME if it stays exclusive is a good reason to keep the 360 and play JE or Kotor while your at it unless you have a capable PC. You can see where I am going with this. Oblivion hyped to be exclusive, gone. Bioshock hyped to be exclusive, gone. Tales of Vesperia, gone. Everygame that I bought the system for that was supposed to be exclusive is gone. Bioware, gone. Bungie, gone. Rares best game so far is Kameo. Fable 2 will be coming to PC so whatever. Keep your heads in the sand.

UltimateIdiot9114383d ago

I'm not going to debubble you. So far, out of 12 of my friends with PS3, none of them had any problem except one of my friend. But that's because he dropped his PS3. As for the PS2, the failure rate was around 16%, and so far none of my friends with launch ps2 had problems with it. The problem was also resolved roughly around 6 months after release.

JD_Shadow4383d ago

Can you PLEASE get though ONE post without saying "Sony loyalists" or "SDF"? I'm starting to wonder if that's all you have to counter some of the claims.

"Anyone who claims they are sick of RROD is a Sony loyalist"
"The SDF is back to try to say that Microsoft had a faulty console that everyone had some issues with before Jasper."

You're trying to catch the author in some sort of "loyalist" trap, and that's really all you ever post in the Gamer Zone. You never give any proof other than your closest friends that could be anyone to counter everything (that you always seem to have an answer for).

Once again, I ask, can you get through ONE post without doing any sort of "calling out"?

ultimolu4383d ago

darkpower, I think everyone should stop using that. It's really demeaning, considering that some 360 fanboys always think the "SDF" is out to get them no matter what.

And yet they're playing XDF pretending that these problems don't even exist, no to mention bringing up the PS2 as if the failure rate was at 100% or something.

4Sh0w4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

UltimateIdiot911, the problem was still occuring as late as 2002 when sony finally settled a lawsuit in Nov 2002, they also were still repairing consoles under that agreement up to 2005, ps2 launched in America in Oct 2000.

Also how you say ps2 failure was 16% so "matter of fact" like is a bit weird, since I've never actually read this, how do you know this?, I would like a link to your source. Thanks.

@pain777pas, why is my head in the sand? I read you're entire post, all the things you mention I like about the ps3, but I also think there is plenty to like about 360, why does those things make the ps3 better than 360 for everybody?, do you think its possible that some may be smart enough to see the value in the ps3 and still prefer the 360? Is it not possible to like them both?

wow I love the fact that this site has a ton of news everyday but jeesh its just too aggressive with the fanboy stuff, why are both sides always trying to push their choices on people who just want to read and comment sensibly about games, I love to read opinions about games and discuss quality gaming topics instead of all the ps3 is doomed, 360 is garbage crap. I don't know but it just makes me cringe everytime I read comments, degrading people for choosing a ps3 or 360, what good does that do?

lowcarb4383d ago

Great post and thanks for pointing that out. If stuff like this would stop gettin approved things would change.

Megaton4383d ago

Wasn't it proven over a year ago that the SDF is run and owned by the Wii60 guys? I guess tin foil hats are in style this spring around N4G.

4383d ago
ultimolu4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

And the cowards disagree!

Cowardly, very cowardly indeed. So it's alright to use Sony loyalists and SDF in the Gamerzone but heaven forbid someone uses XDF, they get tons of disagrees and backlash.


Megaton4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Normally I don't respond to idiots/trolls on here (or anywhere on the internet for that matter), but I just thought this was too perfect. JokesOnYou is clamoring about this site being the second coming of the SDF by posting titles of PS3 articles, multiplat articles, and legitimate criticisms of the 360.

I suppose this extremely pro-Gears of War article from the same site, on the front page of N4G, is also vile SDF propaganda.

Would be funny watching your delusional little freak show if you guys weren't so Sean Hannity-esque with your "EVERYTHING I DON'T WANNA HEAR IS BIASED AND WRONG!" mentalities.

Ausbo4383d ago

badassgamer really hates microsoft. I wonder which ps3 fanboy on n4g is the badassgamer.

RememberThe3574383d ago

You fail so much...

You go through the head lines of the stories submitted to N4G and pick out the ones that are, in a way, a little bit negative toward the 360. And that confirms the SDF? No, no it doesn't.

I also find it funny that you cal out the "Sony Defense Force" Yet you resemble them to the T. Would it be fair to call you the "Microsoft Defense Force"?

SaiyanFury4383d ago


People are disagreeing with you simply because your statement makes perfect sense. Microsoft get away with selling a console with a faulty hardware design because people keep buying it. Repeatedly. The 3 year RRoD warranty extension is in existence just because Microsoft finally had to admit that the console has design flaws. No matter how grounded in fact your statement might be, people will always have opinions that don't agree with yours, despite how uninformed they might be. I'm already anticipating my own disagrees here.

JokesOnYou4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

@ Xiphos, its funny that you mention that, because coincidently that short "Gears is a great IP" story only appear after Brad was called out, which isn't saying much since we all know its a great new IP= so I see as a basic attempt at deflection which I also stated on that article, you'll notice however that I DID NOT PICK & CHOOSE THE HEADLINES, except for the ones about multiplats those are the headlines in order for the last few weeks. ha ha look for yourself....all I did is cut & paste the headlines using the "Older Posts" linking all of the stories in order. I encourage everybody whos curious if I'm just "freaking out" over nothing to read the latest stories and tell me if you just think its a neutral guy talking gaming news, seriously I browsed the stories before I made the accussation and 95% of the content is (as far back as I read) reads like alot praise for ps3 and a condesending tone of dissapointment and negative speculation about anything 360 related.

Oh and your legitimate criticism of 360 claims are plain BS, like I said if in fact he had established a creditable nature of criticizing both and positive praise of both then, I would say his criticism is fair, but basicly its all positive for ps3, negative for 360...anybody willing to read can judge for themselves.

@ RememberThe357, I'll say it again I DID NOT PICK & CHOOSE the headlines those are the LATEST HEADLINES IN ORDER except for multiplats games posted on the BLOG, until mysteriously Brad posts a positive 360 game headline to shake off questions of bias. Again, think I'm full of it, then read for yourself. lmfao, you guys sound angry that I'm just highlighting that he's biased. lol, Do you really think I give a damm if you label me the XDF just because I noticed Brads blog is heavily biased? I'm still going to say what I think and keep laughing at nonsense from biased sites no matter what you call me. lmfao If you don't like it the ignore button will help you sleep.

aahhh and what know do you looking at the comments time frame that post comes curiously today after calls of bias, I guess old Brad reads n4g himself...Do me a favor Xiphos prove me wrong and post one positive 360 exclusive game news story coverage like this "NEW" Gears IP story prior to today that was posted in just the last year and I'll say I was wrong to call Brads blog biased...Im waiting.

I stop at "Killzone 2 lives up to the Hype." heres the next headlines in ORDER as they appear:


velaxun4383d ago

how the hell do you get so many bubbles? Just an hour ago I saw you commenting on another story and you had 2....

LastDance4382d ago

1.1 - maybe it is because she smokes too much weed and is an idiot.

She must be.

FlameBaitGod4382d ago

Multiple accounts, that answers your question and JokesOnYou is just a fan boy. He cant accept the reality of the situation that the 360 is in right now.

soxfan20054382d ago

It's all about the games - pure and simple. People will tolerate the inconveniences of faulty hardware if they like the games better than what the competition offers. It has ALWAYS been that way - this generation is no different.

If the most reliable console always came out on top, then Sega Master System would have beaten the NES, Sega Saturn or N64 would have beaten PS1, and Xbox would have beaten PS2.

JokesOnYou4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

I got all kinds of insults but you'll notice NOBODY was able to dispute the headlines and provide not *ONE counter headline that was made prior to this site being called biased. I mean seriously NOT *ONE thing that suggest this "blog" is balanced, well thats because it isn't. I'm just wondering whats Brads n4g account?

Now instead of a sensible response to my posts, I'm accused of multiple accounts, how I did I get so many bubbles, blah, blah, blah...anything but a valid response lmfao, bro the other day I saw a account that was called JokeOnYou (no "s") mocking my comments, lol I'm flattered I have a fan, but either way I don't give a damm about n4g's popularity contest, I'm amazed I still have 6 bubbles but do you really think I care about bubbles lol take 'em if it makes you feel better, but until the mods ban free speech that isn't in anyway offensive I'm going to keep talking the way I do, if that bothers you once again just hit ignore so you sleep better.

Oh and I appreciate all those who gave me positive feedback. If those headlines(and content) was the other way around can you imagine how this site would have reacted?


FlameBaitGod4382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )

You know y many people don't waste time with u ? Because you one of those people that would argue with a person if the person though the sky was red. No point in explaining, you aether see real reality as it is, or your reality which is not the real one. Not our fault the 360 is doing bad at this periods of time, probably will change but for now.... accept it maybe ?

vortex_24382d ago

It's like comparing a Mac to a PC!
PC is cheap but as consequence crappy!!!
Macs are expensive, however, they are superior and amazing.

So... Why don't you get the money that you are gonna use to buy the 360, and save it for 2 months, after this you will be able to buy a PS3, which is gonna give to you a happy ending.
Cuz if think about it... the cheapest 360 is $199.99 you need to spend +$99.99 to buy a wireless receiver to play online(Wirelessly)+ $50 to be able to play online, = $349.98, PS3 is $399.99 and plays Blu-Ray....
I don't think i have to write anything else....

IcarusOne4382d ago

Imagine what kind of a gaming world it would be if Microsoft HADN'T had to deal with the RROD? You're looking at the success of the 360 despite the technical factors. How successful would it have been if it had been as reliable as the PS3?

Dare I say it, the PS3 owes a lot of its success to Microsoft's "faulty tech". The PS3 cult can ridicule it all they want - but it would make more sense for them to be thankful that the RROD happened.


judging by what your saying, it makes sense.

the hw:sf attach ratios are way too low.

So lets say the rrod is at 50%, leaving you with 14mill replaced 360s.

well, make your own assumptions

Tru_Ray4382d ago

Perhaps it is fair to say that hardcore XBOX 360 fans are cool with replacing their systems 3-4 times in some cases.

However, I can tell you for a fact that I will never buy a 360 specifically because of the faulty hardware (and the fact that you have to pay to play online with an arguably inferior P2P network, but that is another story...).

The RROD cost MSFT in excess of 1 Billion dollars to extend the warranty for 3 years. 1 Billion dollars is hardly chump change, even to a company as large as MSFT.

American gamers may not care about hardware reliability, but Japanese gamers sure as hell do. Has anyone seen the 360 sales in Japan lately (I'll give you a hint... They are abysmal).

The RROD has cost MSFT in terms of credibility. Credibility is important when you are trying to build a brand.

Their loyal customers obviously derive a lot of pleasure out the experience of playing the 360, which is why they keep crawling back.

I remember the infamous "gray screen" from the NES days? That never stopped me from playing Nintendo games, lol


king dong4382d ago

writing another classic especially for n4sonyfanboys. i like how it says in the contributor test that blogs are not allowed, when in fact 90% of the sh!t on n4sonyfanboys is exactly that....obviously the admin have to ignore their own rules so this very sad site cotinues to get hits.

great job sdf, i see you lot daily on here spewing the same fanboy twisted hate. but, for all your hardwork, and all the rubbish that gets wrote especially for you losers, you still cant push your beloved ps3 above the 360....although i'm sure sony are proud of all the hardwork carried out by it's drones on here.

my launch premium rrod two months ago. the problem exists, but i didn't feel the need to cry about it on n4sonyfanboys.

edgeofblade4382d ago

I don't think a high failure rate is unacceptable... but leaving your customers high and dry when the failures happen... that's what's unacceptable. And Microsoft certainly did NOT do that.

It doesn't bode well for Microsoft as a business that they had to shell out a billion bucks for the extended warranty, but you would find it difficult to say they didn't do the right thing for customers by subsidizing the millions upon millions of replacements. If they hadn't, you wouldn't see nearly as much forgiveness in the Xbox fanbase.

Where you might see xbox fans as gluttons for punishment, I see a group that had to be fought for and Microsoft had to pay through the nose for. When Microsoft runs those kinds of expenses to keep you playing, how can you not show your appreciation. You have to have a special kind of seething hatred for a company to turn your nose at that.

By the same token, where you might see playstation fans as seeking quality and stability, I see smug, snarky juveniles who use double standards to hate Microsoft and don't want to recognize how customer-centric the three year warranty is.

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xabmol4383d ago

If it breaks on me I will just go buy another one.



I've actually heard someone here on N4G say his solution to the RROD is to have 2 XboX's so he can still have one to play while he ships off the other for repairs.

Hello 8 mill lead. x[

gaffyh4383d ago

My friend actually said that to me, I was like "wtf just buy a PS3 if you're going to do that". He basically said buy a Pro and an Arcade, and play the Pro until it RRoDs, then put the HDD on the Arcade and play the arcade until you get the other one back.

It is a good idea, but too expensive. I just told him, buy one of each console and you'll be fine.

Jazz41084382d ago (Edited 4382d ago )


In your defense I 100% agree with you. I have been saying this over the last year. If you say something positive about Sony you get hundreds of agrees, and if you say something negative then you will get hundreds of diagrees. If you want bubbles on this site you have to praise Sony. Show me one person on this site that likes Microsoft that has any bubbles left! This site is 100% SDF favored or Ran. Its a known fact just like RROD. Peace and I know I will get thrown under the bridge for stating the truth so take my remaining bubbles.

FragMnTagM4382d ago

Hey man I gave an agree and a bubble for stating the truth. I own a 360 and a PS3 and critique them both, yet when I critique the PS3 on here, I lose bubbles every time.

PirateThom4383d ago

If people want to buy it, it's up to them.

If they want to buy another one while it's being shipped off, up to them.

I have one, if it RRoDs, it's getting repaired, sold and replaced with an Atari 2600.

cereal_killa4383d ago

Lmao are you sure you can handle the graphic upgrade by doing so I KID I KID!!!!

FragMnTagM4382d ago

Why did you change your avatar man? I like your old one better. LOL.

Montreafart4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

There is a reason why we call them "bots" to begin with. They are like brainless, mindless drones of inferior ancient bots. Unable to show emotion and despite being powered by electricity, their brain consist of ancient CPU type of chip, only able to do the most basics of things that humans have managed to conquer long ago since the days of the caves and the hunting parties.

Compared to us, bots are primitive creatures, who do not excel at "complex thinking" like adding up 2+2 (aka simple math). Ergo, they lack the intelligence to know the difference between ancient and next gen experience.

PS3 is next gen. 360 is ancient gen.

Long story short, they do not know that its unacceptable to have hardware fail on you because the product is defective. And they consider it a privilege to play the 360 and pay MS a yearly fee for online. No one told them to wipe their butts and wash their hands after the big break either.

Sonyfanclubpresident4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

Gaystation boys still talkin smack because their consoles main purpose was to thrust Blu Gay tech on the world.

Now Sony is stuck playing catch up with their software and online service.

I had RROD once and it was fixed for in short,Gaystation kiddies live in a sad deluded world with the least significant console(PS3DO)............tsk tsk tsk,pathetic.

cryymoar4383d ago

i bet if the xb360 had bluray and the PS3 didn't, you'd be trolling that crap all day.

Sony isn't playing catch-up with software and online, the PSN IS up to par with XBL and even better, IT'S FREE! I laugh at hypocrites that complain about the PS3's price yet will easily fork up unnecessary funds for basic online components.

Last that I heard, Sony still has TONS of first and second party developers that are making 10x AAA games than Microsoft. And Microsoft doesn't even have ANY first party devs. ONLY THIRD PARTY! Microsoft can only buy there way into this market, they cannot develop a good game for crap! Also, Microsoft can barely get their own operating system to work without it exploding itself.

Unluckily for you, you get the RRoD AND the BSOD! yet you troll about those systems like they are god. Tell you what, grow up and learn a thing or two about OTHER hardware and software, unlike what you get shoved down your throat by Microsoft and the Media.
It's a sad state of affairs when a free open source OS can run things faster and more efficient than Windows. Or when your own console cant even be touched without it scratching its own discs, or burning your house down.

GTFO of N4G and go back to 4chan you idiot troll.

xbollox4383d ago

you can sell em crap, repeatedly screw em with no lube: they love it and it's safe since they won't sue you

they'll eat all the lies, swallow the bullsh!t and beg for more.
they'll even go online defend you for free, isn't that cool?

so got for it man, bone em hard and dry, milk the cow while it lasts, you never know, they might wake up one day

ultimolu4383d ago

Since Sonyfanclubpresident likes to call playstation fans gay, then he must be the chief assbot around here because he likes getting ripped off by Microsoft time and time again. And then when he doesn't have a legitimate argument, he insults others.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4383d ago (Edited 4383d ago )

xBots are the 1st ones in the Shower in Jail to bend over and pick up the Soap!!! ;-D

+ RRoD is not the only Red Ring xBots get!!! ;-o

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DNAgent4383d ago

Yeah, we all know the 360 has garbage hardware and it's obviously not acceptable.

What kind of retard approves this garbage (aside from people like Agent-X who supposedly writes blogs for hiphopgamershow and posts them as news)?

II Necroplasm II4383d ago

Well we need the blogs to make fanboys think that 360 will stop selling like hotcakes.