Sony Germany: "Microsoft is not a genuine opponent for us"

And yet another Sony rep declares an early victory in europe. This time coming from the mouth of Uwe Bassendowski, managing Director of the Sony computers Entertainment Gmbh.


"Sony celebrates the start of its new console in Berlin on a large party. There Uwe Bassendowski, managing director Sony computer Entertainment GmbH talked about the PS3 and their competitor Microsoft: "The time of the bad messages is finally past. From now on it will give only good message for us. "… "it will not empty go out a prospective customer."
Concerning ms he said: "Microsoft is not a genuine opponent for us." Ms came last year in the market for consoles including the mobile devices only on a market share of 7,1 per cent, Sony holds 40 per cent. However ms has also no mobile console in the offer."

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Sexius Maximus4764d ago

Also, it's soooo credible coming from a SONY exec. hahhaha

sak5004764d ago

Pride before the fall.

shotty4764d ago

The only sony employee to listen to is phil and he sometimes passes off as arrogant but atleast he knows whats going on, everyone else have no clue whats going on, they're stuck in ps2 mode and just read off their cue cards.

BIadestarX4764d ago

I guess it must be part of the job description. You must always be on denial and act as if they already sold 400 million consoles.

wildcat4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Can't they learn to *stfu* sometimes. I don't know who trains these people but they're missing an important skill... Positive Public Perception

bobbybrown4764d ago

how many times will sony have to prove that they the best at consoles.

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The story is too old to be commented.