Devil May Cry 4 GamePlay

Some hack and slash game play from the 4th entry in this capcom franchise. Devil May Cry.

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GaMr-4766d ago (Edited 4766d ago )

I think this old.

I think Kratos would whupp dante's and Nero's Asss in a new york second.

Creepa at GameManx4766d ago

how many DMC articles i am gonna see?

Covenant4766d ago


It's newfound multi-platform status means there are even more people interested in if there wasn't a lot of interested folks before.

That would include me. I am happy to see this coming to my 360...and no, that's not a Sony bash. I'm just a happy 360 owner.

Whoooop4766d ago

Wasn't this video posted some days ago ??

IPlayGames4766d ago

I think Dante could take Kratos. Kratos is more power and aggression Dante got style finesse and power when he changes to devil plus he likes to get stabed in everyone he gets ran through.

GaMr-4766d ago

Kills gods. End of Story !

Apocalypse Shadow4766d ago

i'm not so sure anymore.muliplatform or not.if the original creator didn't make 2,3 and is not on 4's dev team,i just don't know.

DMC 2:dante ruined by new director and producer(still decent action)

DMC 3:new director and producer(stylish cinemas,young dante,decent combat,repetitive back tracking)

DMC4: new director and producer with dante no longer as lead roll(doesn't make sense does it?)

without hideki kamiya(RE2,DMC1,VIEWTIFUL JOE,OKAMI-no longer at capcom),it's just not the same.

if it's good action i'll buy it anyway because i have them all and like action games.but bring back hideki and clover studios.

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