Vice Weekly 29 - Back to Basics writes:

The internets premiere gaming podcast is back in action after taking a week off.The Broke Gamers met up in the Vice Studios for jam packed edition of Vice Weekly!!

* Is the Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode DLC really an unlock code for something that's on the disc already?
* MAG : Shadow of War - what's all the fuss about?
* Will Assassins Creed 2 right the wrongs of the first game?
* How will Uncharted 2 impress gamers this fall?
* FFVII Advent Children and why the demo isn't coming to the U.S.
* People should read our articles before they give a reaction aka reading is fundamental.

All this and more on the latest edition of Vice Weekly.

Enjoy the show everyone and please leave us feedback!

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You Already Know3570d ago

I definitely felt good about the outcome of this podcast.....seriously something to build on in the future...

don't sleep ahaha and check out the Get Hype Podcast which airs Wednesday night for the 1st time...

The Don will offer a special promotion for Street Fighter IV fans who own the game on PS3....but details will be explained on the Podcast, so be sure to check in!

KobeBryant3570d ago

Hey guys, Kobe here, great show as usual, just wanted to let you guys know that I like this cast, you had great interaction, its sad to see Gary not being the host anymore, but that's great that he's getting his own podcast, I'll definitely be checking in.

You Already Know3570d ago

definitely Kobe, I mean he's still going to play a major part in Vice Weekly...he's just getting the chance to shine elsewhere as well...

plus it's not like Mel is a slouch at all when it comes to hosting the hopefully we'll keep providing what you and anyone else who listens have enjoyed...

it's unfortunate that this podcast is being slept on, because if this is a sign of things to come then people need to check in ahaha...