Killzone 2 is The New Game to Beat

Badassgamer writes "Don't you just love it when a game is hailed as the benchmark of games in that genre for that generation? this is what is happening to a certain First Person Shooter released back in February, it's simply the pinnacle of gaming, the be-all-and-end-all so to speak."

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OperationFlashpoint24393d ago

he speaks true though...people comparing games from different genres are retarded.

MURKERR4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

seen from other games pending, personally i believe kz2 will be surpassed by another ps3 exclusive *uncharted 2* cough

Bnet3434393d ago

To me, graphics wise, I actually though Uncharted and MLB The Show looked better and Uncharted 2 will probably knock everything out the ballpark. About the killing Halo thing, that's just something for people to laugh at. People just say it to feel good, that's it. You can't win an argument like that when Halo is miles ahead in sales and scored higher in reviews overall. Where's the killing in that? It's not like every Halo fan moved to Killzone 2, doesn't work that way.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4393d ago

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm vs Red Faction Guerrilla FTW.

RememberThe3574393d ago

It's five very short paragraphs. I getting really tired of all these glorified "discussion topics". How about next time we submit an article it can actually go deeper then the head line?

I would not be surprised to see comments on this that are longer then the article...

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HeavyInfamous4393d ago

lol @ "The sims 2 or Killzone 2"

San Frandisco4393d ago

hmm,the sims 2 or killzone 2 huh... dang thats a hard one .
i think though hat ppl were comparing these types of games based on their hype/popularity they recieved...
Like wen they compared Gears 2 to Resistance 2 with R2 being FPS and Gears 2 being TPS,they mainly based the fact hat both came out around the same time (only a week apart) and both were big hit titles for eaCH console.

now,comparing killzone 2 to halo 3 is more reasonable despite any difference in release dates or time in development...

either way,the article makes a valid point (obviously) since comparing 2 different genres doesnt make any sense wut so ever.
But of course its the journalists and mainstream gaming industry that starts this bullsh!t anyways or at least provokes it.

Montreafart4393d ago

Comparing a TPS with a FPS however is legit. Because the difference between the two is tiny and negligible while the similarities are PLENTIFUL.

DNAgent4393d ago

I'm not even sure why they still call this place N4G seeing as how it's mainly nothing but B4G. They should change their name since they allow garbage like this to pass as "news". Blogs like this and hiphopgamershow should go in the blog section.

Is there even a point in having mods at this site? Why not just automatically approve everything that gets submitted (as it usually does anyways)?

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The story is too old to be commented.