OXM UK: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Preview

OXM UK writes: "The development team for Operation Flashpoint 2 is obsessed with war. "We got some good stuff out of the recent Georgian incursion," says producer Sion Lenton. "The BBC shot footage of an attack and everyone else was looking at it saying 'That's terrible!' We were looking at it saying 'Wow - that's how dust is supposed to look.'

For a game of this scope and ambition, it's a modest-sized team and only a few of them worked on the original. That game had a cult following for its intense realism, but was unbelievably difficult to play.

Clive Lindop, senior games designer, confesses, "People look at that game with rose-tinted glasses... Often you just ended up fighting the mechanics." We remember playing it and driving 22km to find the nearest enemy. The moment we arrived, we were killed by a pistol shot from 500m away. It wasn't exactly entertaining..."

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XLiveGamer3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

1.Your Weapon
2.HARD Cover
4.Map & Compass
5.Surround Sound

ASSASSYN 36o3475d ago

You forgot stealth, ammo, and situational awareness.

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...I am looking forward to getting this year. Hopefully see you both online. xbox live id: jayhead P.S, bubbles up for both of you guys, not too sure why you guys have so little bubbles.