2010 to be the year of the Xbox 360


"Microsoft has been receiving criticism for the Xbox 360's seemingly lackluster lineup for 2009. It is almost the half point in the year and very little has been revealed for 2009. However, what gamers may not realize is that Microsoft is building up an arsenal of games for 2010.

Many gamers were expecting a ton of announcements at GDC outlining the lineup all the way up to Christmas. However, the camp over at Microsoft remained silent during the conference. Ideally GDC is a great place for companies to announce games to keep the public at bay during the dry spell which happens mid-year."

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TrevorPhillips3570d ago

We dont know that yet there are all these games coming out, Massive Action Game, Red Faction: Guerilla and many more

arika3570d ago

if 2009 is looking like its going to be the year of ps3, with all the amazing exclusive games and cool updates that they have how can 2010 be any different. its more likely that 2010 will be the fall and eventually lead to the demise of the xbox 360.

InfectedDK3570d ago

We don't know anything.
The year 2010 could be the year of the PS3 too.
I haven't heard of a single AAA Xbox360 title in a looong while.
So if they had them, don't you think they would mention them atleast? Telling what to expect. Looks like The PS3 will be forever from now on.

Aquanox3570d ago

No. Microsoft isn't letting Sony go away with 2009. The only difference here is that Sony has announced a bunch of things without a release date, whereas Microsoft has remained silent, but chances are that when they speak it will be loud and clear, with actual footage and release dates to be delivered.

So far in this year, Sony released Killzone 2 and Microsoft Halo Wars, performing in the same range of sales by the way.

From June and above we will actually know what Microsoft has under the hat.

ShabzS3570d ago

yah but if by july nothing is announced its the ps3's year hands down...

Eddie201013570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

The guy mentions two games that are coming out for the Xbox 360 in 2010 and thinks that the Xbox 360 has a lead over the PS3 in 2010, Morons, f ing Morons.

I think Microsoft needs to worry about 2009 first and so should the fanboys.,

Genesis53570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

What exactly are they building up an arsenal off games with? They only have a couple of developement studios.

By the end of the year PS3 install base will be 30 million at least. Most 3rd parties won't be looking to release console exclusives.

Jager3570d ago

Short of like how every xbox fanboy on this site was saying "Just wait till GDC, MS will announce stuff!!!", Low and behold, nothing.

Come E3, MS will STILL Not have announced any new exclusives for 2009, you dont announce some big exclusive and release it 5 months later. if anything is announced at E3, its a release date for Wake (2010), New Halo content for Halo Wars / Halo 3, and info for Halo ODST.

callahan093570d ago

2010 will almost undoubtedly see The Agency, DC Universe Online, MAG, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, something from Insomniac, perhaps even something from Team Ico, and perhaps even more games that won't be seeing their way onto the 360.

What do we think will hit the 360 but not the PS3 in 2010? Probably something Halo, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and maybe Gears of War 3?

We'll see.

Aquanox3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )


You don't have to be a fanboy to believe MS has something reserved for E3. You DO need to be a fanboy to deny it.

Said this, the only reason people expected MS to reveal games at GDC is because they did it last year. The reason was because E3 was in July back then (too late) whereas it's in early June this time around, perfect timing to build hype for Holidays. Also, they're still comfortably 1st in HD consoles even in Killzone's 2 month, so they aren't really pressed in terms of sales, and it's better to save the guns for the PS3 price-cut.

A RARE game for 2009 is basically a given, and aside of that, they don't need to announce many new things, instead, they need to unveil and confirm dates of Halo 3 ODST, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell ConViction, which are 3 heavy weight titles for the year.

Don't be too surprised if Forza 3 is also announced for this year. This, without mentioning what else they could announce for 2010 at this E3.

So guys, it's way too early to call victory in any sense. Killzone 2 somehow delivered in solid gameplay and excellent technical achivements, but not many people ran at stores to buy it or the consoles and that was the BIGGEST title of the year (just like MGS4 was) It was also largely outperformed in Metacritic by Xbox 360 exclusives. Visuals are not everything.

Sony relies heavily in the first half of the year whereas MS bets more for holydays. So far the Xbox 360 has taken most of the first half comfortably and chances are that they are preparing terrain to do so in the 2nd half as well.

MicroSony4Life3570d ago

The Sony/Microsoft boys dismissing the Wii.

2009 Year of the Wii
2010 Year of the Wii

No matter how you try to spin it, the Wii has left it's make and the 360/PS3 have a hell of a mountain to climb before they can even catch the Wii.

Yes I know they are talking about games but if you are going to say the year of a console, then it should be measured by sells.

JokesOnYou3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

As for 2009 exclusives so far:

360 Halo Wars (great game)
SO4 (very rarely do I pick up any jrpg)
Ninja Blade (not the best, writing is terrible but its a solid game)

KZ2 (great game)
MLB09 (nobody cares about baseball games, lol)
inFamous (coming sometime in June, right?)

Beyond that whats confirmed for either console? Does anybody on Earth think micro won't release anything else the rest of the year? So I don't see how more announcements about games makes it the yr of the ps3 for 2009, I mean ps3 has become famous for delays and even IF sony released 1 or 2 more exclusive this yr than micro, that still doesn't equal it being yr of ps3, its always a matter of how much the games appeal to gamers, and how anybody can start predicting 2010 is flat out ridiculous. I don't know but call me crazy for thinking that we'll probably be able to really see what will actually hit this year in late Sept because ONLY by then can you really start make an solid statement about whats actually going to be released in 2009 then judge who's lineup is better....and like every year we'll see if claims of the yr going to ps3 is just another case of smoke and mirrors.


AntoineDcoolette3570d ago

So according to the article... 2010 is the year of the 360 because of 2 unannounced exclusive games and 2 multiplatform games?

sharpened sense3570d ago

Shouldn't it be sony's years from here on out? Sony's has 20 or more studio's that they own and all make great games. Microsoft owns 3-4 studio's now. W hat Microsoft needs to keep doing is buying DLC for their multiplatform games. Now I don't care what anyone says its never going to be the year of the wii and yes I know crazy people buy those like crazy. The Wii is like Vizio hdtv's they sell like crazy but the people who buy them just don't know how much better it is to own a pioneer kuro(ps3) or a panasonic viera plasma(360).

IdleLeeSiuLung3570d ago

I own a Vizio and it looks pretty darn good compared to my Sony TV. For the price it is a steal and I have been very happy with it other than the f'ugly menus. It might not be in the same league as Kuro's, but they don't cost nearly as much either.

Some would call others an idiot for paying those prices for a TV....

phosphor1123570d ago

Do you really think people care about how the Wii does? They only want to know when a relevant game comes out for the Wii. Name 5 high rated Wii games with replay value, and people will be able to name 15 high rated ps3/360 games with replay value.

IaMs123570d ago

Wow, simply WOW at everyone. This samething happened to the PS3, and now people are speculating the 360 is at its demise, shows the true nature of N4G still i rest my case im at

indyman77773570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Very irrational statements! First it say IDEALLY GDC is the place to announce games? When has that EVER been the case!

Every year Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo does little with games at GDC! And they know it unless they where just born. Did Sony announce their guns at any GDC? What about Nintendo? What about last year, no? The year before, no, try never.

Why would they want to keep people at bay during the dry spell? Since after all they themselves pointed out that it was the dry spell, and also no one else has ever done it. Please the real dry spell does not arrive until AFTER E3. That's when mom forces Johny to go out in the warmth and get some exercise, and sunshine.

Every year Microsoft waits until E3 to announce the biggest game of the year. Example Gears of war 2, Every one assumed it was coming in 2009 since Microsoft was 'quiet' then BAM! It was announced and release in the same year. Microsoft has repeatedly said they will not do like Sony and announce a game that will not be out for years to string people along. And they have kept to their word. At least I was not a fool expecting Kill zone two since 2004 and it came out five years later!

Besides every coward in here was affraid to take a bet on who has the most AAA million sellers (actually the last TWO YEARS) Any takers? It is already won if you ask me. 360 will Kill PS3 once again. Anyway want to put up or SHUT THE..----... UP? Thought so COWARDS!

odisho683570d ago

hmmm...MAG, The Agency, DC Universe Online and GT5 ohhh you can't forget Resistance 3 should be making an appearance as well...and MS has ummm...alan wake???

I'm pretty sure 2010 will be the year of the PS3 (once again)

thesummerofgeorge3570d ago

They shouldn't have to skip a year to be able to have good games the next year. They should be putting as much as they can into 2009 as well as looking toward 2010, just like I'm sure Sony isn't blowin their whole load on 2009, they're most definately able to focus on the present as well as the future. How insulting to the customers if this is the case, it's not like it's a new console, there's no reason why an entire year well into the machines lifespan, should be a dud as far as AAA games.

Why dis3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

You guys say that every year.

Don't you losers ever get tired or talking sh*t about the 360 trying to hype PS3 up with assumptions about the 360?

TheRealSpy3569d ago

are there no articles that 360 owners can goto without be bombarded by ps3 fanboy nonsense?

if a person says anything pro 360 in a ps3 article they lose all their bubbles and get chewed out by 50 ppl. but if it's a 360's the exact same thing! go away fanboys!!!!

i don't know how when ps3 has ONE game that does okay in 2009 it's suddenly the year of the ps3. what AAA titles? as far as i can tell killzone is the only title on ps3 that's worth mentioning...and the only place anyone mentions it is on n4g. nobody is buying it now...nobody even talks about it. so explain to me...what games make anyone think this is the year of the ps3?

it's only the year of the ps3 in the warped tiny minds of the bias members of the gaming community. any level headed person can see that neither system has much to offer this year so far and nothing looks impressive til the end of the year. and the impressive stuff is 3rd party.

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TrevorPhillips3570d ago

2010 could be the year for both consoles u never know

Montreafart3570d ago

"but, but, but...wait till GDC err I mean E3 err mean Tokyo Gameshow err I mean 2010!"

Building an arsenal of games with what? They have 3 and a half studio and only 1 is considered to be average (RARE). They basically have 1 studio left!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3570d ago

'2010 to be the year of the Xbox 360's DEATH!!!' ;)

Defectiv3_Detectiv33570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Mass Effect 2 and Lost Planet 2 have not been announced exclusive yet! And as for those unnanounced Rare and Lionhead games, big deal.

What does Sony have in store?

Syphon Filter
MLB the show(best baseball game)
Gran Turismo 5
White Knight Chronicles
Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma
Heavy Rain
God Of War 3
The Agency
DC universe
Ratchet and Clank 2
Uncharted 2
Quantum Theory
Demon Souls
R* Exclusive
FF Versus
Hideo Kojima Project
Team Ico Project
David Jaffe Project(Twisted Metal?)

Home is getting better with every improvement. At first I was skeptical but now I understand, it just serves as a space for gamers to F*ck around in instead of having to glitch in games.

Sony could also be saving an announcement for a joint venture w/ Blockbuster + PS3. This would be a killer E3 announcement. BlockBuster online is so superior to Netflix, tons of new movies on demand, no waiting for new releases, plus you can go to the store and trade them in for games and movies.

I might be wrong though, from what I understand Netflix will eventually be coming to all blu ray players.

Deadman643570d ago

lol sir ken...just like last year? and the year before? and the year before? right? I mean when is it actually gonna happen hmm??? ;0 ;) :) ;)


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user94220773570d ago

Once God Of War 3/Uncharted 2 and MAG are out, there is no point of buying a 360.

fatanorexic3570d ago

Really? Just like once Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 come out there's no point? Or how about when Uncharted 1 and Ratchet and Clank come out? I thought those where supposed to be what made a 360 useless? Face it dude that phrase is getting kind of old lol. How about a new one, " When the DVD shows its true colors, then it's time for change"

tudors3570d ago

have you even played the 360? seriously I cannot wait for MS to announce there next line up just to shut you guys up, I have played the PS3's flagship title KZ2 and it left me in no doubt the 360 is more than capable of doing it, role on Cryengine 3.

Chuck Norris3570d ago

Once the PS3 came out, there wasn't any need to get a 360. Almost every decent game on the 360 is available to the PS3 and/or the PC.

badz1493570d ago

giving away 2009 to the PS3 but it's still not yet half way through 2009! isn't it too early to call for "2009 the year of PS3" let alone "2010 the year of 360"?? last year was touted as the year of PS3 and was likely to be one and then BAMM!! M$ annouced the massive price cut and things got levelled again! so far this year, 360 is selling more than PS3 obviously because of the price difference but PS3 has a lot of exclusives for this year! the gap in sales is no where being too significant between the 2 at least in the US but the silence of 360 camp even after GDC is somewhat worrying! Alan Wake is remaining unawaken and Splinter Cell is no where to be seen after last year's delay! I don't know what M$ is thinking but I'm not underestimating them!

XLiveGamer3570d ago

Once God Of War 3/Uncharted 2 and MAG are out, there is no point of buying a 360.

So what do you mean is that right now there is a point...

¿What happen with Killzone 2?

rekonizakilla3570d ago

I disagreed with you cos your a Liverpool fan.
I couldn't stop myself man. Bet you can guess who I support

XLiveGamer3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I dont really gives a fnck what you guys call me or hate me for. I am not a $100 to like you and i don't pretend it either. Right now i am a Live Gamer because i play in Xbox Live and "xlivegamer" that was my d4mn gamertag months ago. If you played against "xlivegamer" in Multiplayer Games like Call of Duty 4, Over G, Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2, Halo 3, GRAW 1 & 2, Shadowrun, Gears of War 1, Lost Planet and many others then you will know that this is was a real Xbox Live Gamertag. A few friends on my list know me with my real name Xavier and once again i dont gives a fnck about some guys opinion saying i am a Pro Xbox 360 but yeah i am Pro Xbox Live Service because is so cool to turn on your console and access your list of friends and go straight to what you bough your console for "Online Multiplayer Gaming". Right now my gamertag is different i will be glad to give you a headshot on future games like Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, ARMA 2 and a few other FPS games i am interested to play online in both PC and Xbox 360. I really don't own a PS3 right now but i also have been played your god before. So go ahead call me whatever you want but its not going to change the truth that most of you come here to bash one console and try to convince others to buy the other like little weird ignorant geek kids here.

I come here to see what new game its coming in the horizon but also to laugh about some "kids & adult" ignorant stupid comments defending their "gods". Even Developers come here and laugh about this "Next Gen B.S. War". You wont see me bashing PS3, PC and Xbox 360 but you will see me commenting about games and some fanatics here that today post one thing here and tomorrow post other.

And believe me i love your disagrees. Go ahead and post a Blog, Video in Youtube or whatever you need to do against me because anybody can do that punks. But hey you punk azz ignorant wont disagree when i post a comment saying i am buying a PS3 this xmas with my favorite game "Ninja Gaiden". Now when i post something criticizing your once again so Over Hyped Killzone 2 you get mad with me uh?

:D lol!!! Fanatics!

Corepred43570d ago

"waaaaaaa i don't care what you guys think of me waaaaaaaaa"

7thNightvolley3570d ago

fanboys on this site are all block headed.. and wont reason anything u say... i have given up trying to argue much.

aueslander3570d ago

....wasnt metal gear solid 4 supposed to be game over for the 360 as well? Funny thing is, much like when KZ2 came out which was the deathnail for the 360, people are still buying the 360 in larger quantities then the PS3. When Resistance 2 came out, more 360s wee still sold, same with MGS4, and now KZ2. I mean for huge system seller games its strange that the 360 is still outselling the PS3 which mean more people are going to MS camp over Sony.

So, if MGS4 couldnt push systems and neither did KZ2, how can you think any other game will be such a must have that people will only buy PS3s and not 360s?

FlameBaitGod3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

TO the 360 fan boys name more than 3 great exclusives from the 360 and say which exclusives didn't have glitches and lag problems while playing online. Btw aueslander do you even know what your saying lol ? MG4 did a 300% increase in sales for the PS3. If you where up to date you would know the PS3 is selling faster than the 360 is, check NPD for your self so you don't think im making it up and about killzone2 not moving systems I mean wow bro, you really dk whats happening in the world you live in to make such smart statements

TheRealSpy3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

only on N4G can this delusion persist.

go look at weekly sales charts. no ps3 exclusives even break the top 20.

killzone 2 is already selling worse each week than Halo 3. and Halo wars is destroying killzone 2.

you know i hate to get sucked into this fanboy idiocy. but the bottom line is the n4g community is the only one i've seen where it's "common knowledge" that ps3 is doing better than 360. the truth is wii is dominating, 360 is doing well, and ps3 is still struggling.

360 has almost moved 200 million units of software, ps3 hasn't even hit 70 million. and their flagship titles like resistance 2 haven't even sold a million total. and killzone did well for the first 2 weeks now nobody is buying it.

rather than run your mouths and presenting your very biased opinions as fact, how about you just do some google searching for real numbers.

i don't care if irrational ps3 fanboys outnumber the rest of us 10:1...the truth is the truth. and that is that ps3 is not doing well, and the ps3 fanboys are so hurt by this that the only way they can make up for it is by being even bigger fanboys rather than admitting that most of them spent 600 dollars on a console that has produced roughly 2 great games (MGS4 and ratchet and clank) and a bunch of let downs.

all this talk you all do, it's evident that you are just compensating for your lack of entertainment. your console doesn't provide you with anything worthwhile so you spend hours trolling articles unrelated to ps3 just run your mouths and support your fellow childish fanboy trolls.

edhe3569d ago

Funny, everyone i know with both consoles they buy & play games on the 360 and watch blu-rays on the ps3.

By renting BDs they're actually hurting sony more than helping.


FlameBaitGod3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

@TheRealSpy Sony doesn't waste 30 mil on adds like M$ does, and all the other stuff you said. To all the other stuff you just said i wont waste my time explaining cus you really are blind if you have the nerve to say the PS3 is doing bad lol. I like how u say R2 hasn't got 2 a million when almost 2 months ago they had said(there was even a article here on n4g) it had reached above 1mil software sales. You like speaking from ur ass huh lol, you really dk anything. I love how people always say, every one i know and that every 1 is always 1 or 2 persons or none lol

TheRealSpy3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

it's not like i want ps3 to do badly. i bought the thing. i own it. i still turn it on from time to time.

but it doesn't have any good games sept for the 2 i already mentioned. and i buy my 3rd party titles for 360 cuz i prefer the controller slightly and the online community is better. i got my ps3 for the exclusives. and that has been a huge disappointment. i can only beat MGS so many times. and i'll concede that killzone 2 (the best FPS, when it launched, EVER (joking obviously)) finally broke 1 million. i must have missed that 100% factual article that makes that claim. though when i looked it up last night it was sitting somewhere around 800k. but even if it's true. nobody is buying it now. along with KZ and LBP.

bottom line is, only on N4G are these games bigger than life and GOTY and selling really well and changing the way we game. everywhere else these games are sub par and don't sell well. and if you're unlucky enough (like me) to have made the mistake of buying one of them, you're stuck with it because you can't trade em and you can't sell em for more than a couple bucks.

and if your counter argument is other ppl do like these games cuz they review well, then you'd just be a hypocrite because tons of 360 exclusives score well and yet the ps3 community constantly dogs em. though i agree that some of the 360 exclusives def didn't deserve the scores they got either.

EDIT: oh, and when i say everyone. clearly that's a slight exaggeration. you can't deny there are a few hundred ps3 fanboys on n4g and i see them around on youtube and gametrailers and other places as well. but i'm exposed to a very largue community of gamers every day and i can see a distinct difference between the attitude on n4g vs everywhere else. ps3 fanboys aren't the dominant species outside of this site. the real ppl i deal with on a day to day basis aren't fanboys, they just call it like they see it. and nobody sees ps3 doing anything other than just scraping by. in fact, they seem to maintain primarily on the hype of unreleased games.

FlameBaitGod3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

When you say PS3 only has 2 good games its obvious you havent played all of its exclusives, and tell me which great exclusives 360 has other than Halo, Gears and Fable 3 ? Tell me which other game is amazing .. you can PM that msg.... (i gave u a bubble but i didnt see it give u 1 more to post) about kz2, it had over 700 grand of software sales in NPD right ? and NPD was covering only 2 days sales, so you cant say finally broke 1mil cus is only logic that it would break the mil in the next 2 or 3 days making its 1mil in less than a week

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fatanorexic3570d ago

Hmm... interesting piece. Short and to the point. However, it's still way too early to be making those calls. 2008 was supposed to be the year of the PS3, but in the end both systems really just balanced it all out. It might be the same for this year. I'd wait until E3. That's usually when they start pulling out the big guns.

raztad3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

both system sales balanced out last year because xbox price drop not because xbox games. 2009 lineup for the xbox is looking even glimmer, Ms is all about multiplat games and DLCs this year, if anything is revealed at E3 will have a big TBA/2010 attached on it.

Lets look carefully at 2006/2007 MS exclusive lineup. Most of them are TIMED exclusives, or games that were released before PS3 hit the market. Many of those games (or its sequel) are already on the PS3, and some are about to be released (ToV, NGS2). Timed exclusivity has become a cumbersome practice for MS and by the looks of things very few publishers are falling into it. On the other hand Ms has very few development studies, Halo devel is third party, and Gears's too. I dont see how Ms can overcome the huge amount of PS3 exclusives next year.

I think they will try to counter GoW3 with ME2, and then they have LP2 (timed exclusive most probably), hopefully something memorable comes from Rare or Epic pulls out a new Gears. On the other hand, next year looks extremely good for Sony with GT5, MMOs hitting the platform, and most probably A PRICE CUT. It will be tough for MS.