Be grateful Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC exists at all


"Gamers across the globe have been complaining over the speculation that the $5 Versus DLC is just a key code that unlocks content on the disc. Capcom has stated that Versus mode is something the developers came up with after production was well under way. However, many have been accusing Capcom of lying about the nature of the Versus DLC.

Many of our readers have criticized my story from a few days ago where I defended the Versus DLC. I actually didn't defend the DLC, but stated that considering the history of Resident Evil I would rather pay and have the Versus DLC then not have it at all.

No one ever dreamed that an online multiplayer mode for Resident Evil 5 would be released for the game let alone an online co-op mode, which is really more than anyone expected from the game. There's no denying it, a game like Resident Evil 5 is complete without an online component like Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. That is why I believe the developers when they indicated that the Versus mode was something that was developed later in development."

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Ps_alm3k3480d ago

3oo something kb is a large file for a dlc...

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

If you are using current assets, that is a significant chunk of code. Because it is small doesn't mean that the logic of the gameplay isn't implemented into it. There is plenty of space to do that.

Even if it was on the disc, I don't understand the outrage. Is this something that was announced part of the game at any point in time? Is this game mode something that is usually included in the RE series or even in this genre of games? Do you complain about not receiving Vista Ultimate although it exist on the disc you bought Vista Home Premium? Do you complain that the shareware software you just downloaded contains the full version, but in order to unlock it you have to pay? The two latter examples is an extremely common practice of software sales and have existed for a long time.

So why the F are people complaining about this game mode? If they put extra resources into creating it, it is reasonable for Capcom to charge for it. It doesn't matter how big the file size is or if it is on the disc. Because it is on the disc doesn't mean it wasn't created by someone that should get paid for their work!

Issues that I have with DLC is when it is taken out of the game, like in clear cut cases as SF IV. The $20 for all the outfits is for two reasons wrong:

a) the pricing is outrageous relative to SF HD Remix or even Puzzle Fighter. How much more work was put into these games compared to the outfits.

b) the outfits were included in the original Arcade, so why the F are we being charged for it. You should be rewarded for buying the game outright, not punished. That is a disservice to fans, but still Capcom's right and it doesn't affect game play.

Reasonable pricing for DLC is what we are looking for and don't take things out just to make it a DLC and from what I can tell VS mode is something extra not something that was part of the game.

IaMs123479d ago

Problem with the vista ultimate is that you bought it for the Vista premium so your not paying the Ultimate price(haha). But with RE you payed 60 bucks for the entire game and now they are "unlocking" via paying $5 and using assets already on the disc is not DLC. Literally it is DLC cuz its content you are downloading but that content is just code, i most likely can bet it is. Now if they added new maps and stuff to it too it would be worth the money and the price can be jacked up to $10 or 800 ms points. If i was a dev i would be giving out free DLC, depending on size, like this it would be free for everyone for me. If it exceeds a certain size or time to develop i would charge then of course but still its outrageous enough to pay $60 for a game and some pay even more.

sinncross3480d ago

Wow, I can't believe there are people who actually defend the notion f being ripped off.

xabmol3480d ago

It's a sick world we live in.

beeeffess3479d ago

My thoughts exactly.

It's these types of people that encourage game developers/publishers to continue charging for parts of the game that should be free.

aksmashh3479d ago

$5 For 2 vs 2 Deatmatch with RES5 Controls Sound B*****ks

They Should Atleast Have 12 Players & Zombie Mode (similar to COD5)

But Assuming Thats Coming Out In Couple Weeks For $10

SprSynJn3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

"And North Koreans love Kim Jong-il
It's a sick world we live in."

Americans voted for Bush and re-elected him too. Indeed a "sick world".

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PirateThom3480d ago

Be grateful when Modern Warfare 2 comes out and charges $5 for online play, because technically the game is complete, you don't NEED online play.

Be grateful when Killzone 3 and Halo ODST charge $5 for half the online maps, even though they're on the disc, because the game is technically complete, a few maps is enough.

The fact is, the game was complete, on the disc, the download was nothing more than a key to unlock the content, it's paying for something you already have.

Rorkimaru3480d ago

I don't think charging for maps is too bad. Look at MGO. They are constantly releasing free upgrades such as costume pieces etc and when they make new modes they add them in for free as well. They charge for extra maps and special characters though. I don't mind this because you get a few maps and a couple of special characters for a fiver.

It is of course always better (for the player) if dlc is free. I mean KillZone 2's map pack is free and Unreal tournament gets all the custom content as well as a few free official maps.

The only brands I can think of that rip you off when charging for maps are Halo, Gears and especially Turok for committing the sin of releasing reskinned maps and charging for them

IaMs123479d ago

Halo i dont mind paying for the maps cuz tons of people play and Halo has a fun online component. Gears im iffy about the maps, and Turok no one plays anymore so its a waste.

SprSynJn3479d ago

"The fact is, the game was complete, on the disc, the download was nothing more than a key to unlock the content, it's paying for something you already have."

So you work for Capcom then? Well then tell us exactly how the coding went into the download, to put our minds at ease.

be_wrong3480d ago

errr it not's really a dlc... it's an unlock key... next thing you know you need to purchase an ending's cuscene as dlc :( (well that wouldn't happen but you get my point)

Rorkimaru3480d ago

In tekken dark resurrection you "purchase" ending cutscenes and concept art but you buy it with in game money you earn by winning so I guess it's not the same thing.

You could reference the Prince of Persia DLC for this though (paying extra for the ending) and Tomb Raider Underworld (cutting content from the original scope of the game only to sell it as DLC)

IaMs123479d ago

Now thats a different story. Thats in game money which gives incentive to play the game more to unlock features and thats what i love about old games. They need to implement that into Achievements/Trophies. After receiving so much trophies and gamerscore you unlock this or that

TrevorPhillips3480d ago

just when it got released i used my brothers credit card and bought the DLC its worth it i mean only couple of megs and u get achievements and 4 modes slayer, team slayer, survival and team survival, keep doing your thang capcom :)

Megaton3480d ago

Thanks for your sheepish support towards rip off DLC and consumer rape in general. Without your money flushing and zero personal standards, corporations wouldn't be able to get away with things like this. Good on ya!

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