Thompson counter sues Take-Two

Lawyer responds to publisher's lawsuit with accusations of intimidation, obstruction of justice, and violation of his civil rights.

Last week, Take-Two Interactive filed suit against Florida lawyer Jack Thompson in a preemptive move to keep him from filing his own suits against the publisher to prevent the upcoming releases of its Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 games.

Thompson promised to strike back, and today he filed his response to the Take-Two suit, along with a countersuit accusing the publisher of multiple violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), specifically a continued effort to violate his constitutional rights since July of 2005.

As for his defense in the initial suit, Thompson said...

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4768d ago
The BS Police4767d ago (Edited 4767d ago )

Jack sued them, then Take Two counter sued him, now he counter, counter sued him, and next Take Two is gonna counter, counter, counter sue him, lol.

overrated4767d ago

its the American laws that are at fault and have caused this, if retailers would have abided the age certificate on GTA and manhunt we wouldent have this kind of ordeal but they didnt so we now have it.

PS360WII4767d ago

His focus is on the wrong people. You can't stop the game from being made. It just goes on production. You can't stop the rating board becuase well games need to be rated. He should focus on, oh I don't know, the Parents! That's right the same people who scream hurumph when they found out the game they bought their kids is bad for them. You know the parents that won't let them play tag becuase they don't want their kid to lose are the same people who disapprove anything "bad" for their kid and then go ahead and buy GTA or Gears or Resident Evil.

Lets also remember that with the ratings and the retailors stopping the selling of minors, they can't stop silly parents from buying them. Lets also remember that each and every console of today has that thing called "Parental Control" that's right with a simple push of the button you can stop your kid from playing anything other than E.

Oh wait I forgot Jack is using the Lord as his power. Hmmmm okay well since god created man and man created video games I guess god created video games as well. Also forgive and forget, turn the other cheeck.. The list goes on but I guess he only read the end of the book cuz who wants to read the whole thing anyway? That book is huge!

subkeg1454767d ago

why this guy is giving take two so many problems. The games they make have no direct effect on him what so ever. I really don't belive people are affected by games, I know wasn't. Just about all the games I played as a kid would most likely get M rating today. I'm tried of hearing this kid done that because of this or that game game. Bottom line it's what kids grow up in, someone teaching them right from wrong. What I say to is Thompson is GO F**K YOURSELF!!

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