Firmware 5.03 Says Hello World, TIFF Based Exploit Released

The prospect of running homebrew on PSP-3000 units is rapidly inching closer, as homebrew developer MaTiAz has released a TIFF-based exploit in the form of a "Hello World," proof of concept application.

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360Hater3503d ago

While its been fun Sony has added some cool stuff.. Tough call. PSP has been awesome have the original fat 1.5.. Man i swear 200 bucks well spent.

Kevin McCallister3503d ago

Why do that when everything Sony offers, plus more, is available with a CFW?

TheMART3503d ago

Why are you not on 5.00 m33 CFW that will have 5.03 m33 if its worth the new features also?

Don't get that one. You're still on 1.50 FW? Because of what exactly?

xabmol3502d ago

CFW that fatty and join the real PSP gamers with in game music and EVERY PS1, nes, snes, game boy, GBcolor, GBA, and sega game EVER.

Theoneneo813503d ago

Heck freakin yeah i bought a psp 3000 but was kinda missing on the home brew scene back when i got my original psp 1000 if this leads to home brew im gonna be freak in happy.

ThanatosDMC3503d ago

If this is true, i'll be happy and pissed off at the same time! I recently bought a God of War Limited Edition Slim for $270!!! I cant return it either...

y0haN3503d ago

Why would you pay $270 for a handheld console, lol wtf.

zep3503d ago

why do you care so much its not you money lol wtf "Limited Edition" there's nothing wrong having what you like that only a few people in the world has

im loving my PSP 2000 Final Fasntasy VII Crisiscore Limited Edition :D

STK0263503d ago

and may I know why you care about someone spending his cash to buy something he wants? I bought both a PSP and a DS at launch at full price, and I'm pretty happy about that. I also bought a slim (PSP) and a Lite (DS) at their launch, aswell as a DSi, I have the money to do it, so why not?

ThanatosDMC3502d ago

It was one of the slims that was 100% moddable. That's the only reason i was willing to spend that amount on it. I did have a fat PSP BUT my idstorage was damaged or something so i couldnt connect my PSP to use Remotejoy.

Because i was pissed that i couldnt do display my PSP to my HDTV or tablet... i decided to get a slim instead and buy the cables to display it on my HDTV.

Yup, simple basic waste of money... but for me it was worth it to satisfy my curiosity. I also bought a 16gb Lexar pro duo for $69.99 at Fry's Electronics afterwards.

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neoxdonut3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

A friend of mine got that God of War Red PSP when it first came out,he easily hacked it to run homebrew. maybe your PSP has that new un-hackable motherboard.

jkoz3503d ago

No GoW PSP should be unhackable from what I remember... since they're all 2k series.

I pity 3k owners... those scanlines are disgusting. I need a new PSP and am in search of a 2k myself.

sinncross3503d ago

The scanlines problem was blown out of proportion.. it aint nearly as half bad as publications made it out to be.

Nikuma3503d ago

It seems to have come with an unpandorable battery cause I hardmodded it and it still works like a normal battery! >< I ordered a pandora battery offline that should be here in a few days and should be able to get homebrew goodness on my psp. I just wanna play my ps1 games on my psp... ; ;

xabmol3503d ago

You remembered to make the magic memory stick, right?

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