Rumor: Resident Evil: Archives dated for North America

The Resident Evil Classics line was announced alongside the revelation of Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles for Wii. There is now some rumored information pertaining to the RE Wiimakes including details on the product's scheduled month for release.

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Shnazzyone3474d ago

please tell me they will jam in an RE: 2 remake. If you could get Zero through 2 all retooled and remade on one disc it would 100% justify the 49.99 price tag. That's tons of gameplay... 1 and zero would be pretty sweet but a 2 remake would ice that cake and make it shine.

mastiffchild3474d ago

Whatever, it's still damn reheats for Wii plus UC mark2. Does that in any way make up for the lack of a proper new Resi game?

Not to me it doesn't-it's a lazy cash in yet again like DR:CTYD was and UC was. I know RE5 isn't possible on Wii but why no side story with an enhanced RE4 engine? There's plenty unexplained and many people felt having Sheva around spoiled the experience and would welcome a real SP Resi again with a new story.

If DC wasn't just another UC I might forgive them the ii makes as fan service but when they cannot be bothered making anything fresh with actual gameplay why should we care?

Also no SF action for the Wii-Capcom has nothing but derision for Wii gamers and these tepid offering show exactly that. UC was almost acceptable back when Wii had no decent rails shooters but now the comp is better and everyone else got a new Resi-it's not good enough.

hatchimatchi3474d ago

sheva didn't ruin the game, if anything she saved re5 from being complete garbage. Sure her AI isn't perfect but as a character she is awesome. Chris had nothing worthwhile to say and Wesker was just spouting the same nonsense we've been hearing from him since Code Veronica. Sheva was awesome, hopefully she's in more RE games.

Back to the topic at hand, if both games are in fact packaged together and for $30, i'll definitely buy it. I already have the remake and zero for gamecube, but motion controls might be fun, and hopefully it'll support widescreen 480p.

N4g_null3474d ago

i don't think hatchimatchi under stood you mastiffchild. Res evil games where better because you had no help a lot of times. The fact that hatchimatchi believe that the game would have been garbage with out her shows you didn't really like res evil before any way.

hatchimatchi3474d ago


i'm glad you know me so well

i guess owning every re game makes me not a fan at all.

Having sheva around didn't take away from the gameplay at all because the game wasn't focused around scares or ammo hoarding. The entire game you were blowing the hell out of everything in sight. Like i said, sheva's character made the game worthwhile cause chris's character was so cliche, sheva's voice work was flawless and the two working together kept the game interesting. Now if the game would have been more about scares and atmosphere then of course sheva would have been distracting but that's not what re5 was based around, it was all about co-op. Even the games director has said that.